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What I have done to not get the gray colour is: Fry your button mushrooms in butter, until soft adding a bit of salt and pepper. make a Béchamelsauce with butter (1 Tablespoon),flour (1 Tablespoon) and milk (1 Cup) Once your sauce is done, take it off the stove and stir/fold in the mushrooms Depending on the amount of butter you used for the mushrooms ...


My advice: ditch the soaking liquid. Here's what I just tried. I divided my dried mushrooms up into 10 bowls: 5 with dried chanterelles and 5 with dried porcini. I added equal amounts of water to each at the following temperatures 10°C (directly from the tap), 40°C, 60°C, 80°C and 100°C (or as close as I could get). After soaking for 15 minutes I sampled ...


You don't say how you prepare the sauce, and Alfredo does not contain mushrooms (or flour, or onions). But if you are simply pureeing button mushrooms, then no, there is no way to make it any other color. The mushrooms have black gills, and they will color the whole white sauce. In theory, you could try removing the gills from button mushrooms before ...


I like to just wet my hands with water and wipe off the dirt. That way the solvent properties of water help to clean it up more than a dry brush or towel would, and I'm not drenching it in water. I always buy them organic considering how close they are to dirt.


I dont like to clean mushrooms, however my favorite way to clean mushrooms if needed is to dunk them. Get a basket that can close on top. A quart sized berry container is perfect for this. Put the shrooms into the container. Snap it shut and dunk it in cold water 2, 3 or 4 times. No bruising or damaging of the mushroom cap is needed.

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