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I'm going to give a different answer than the one I gave in the question that Stephie referenced: Yes, you (most likely) need to cook the fresh pasta. The problem is that for the other case to work, you need to at the very least dry the pasta first before you use it. If you don't, the moisture will just turn the pasta into paste. For typical lasagne, ...


Whether the pasta is rolled for cannelloni or flat for lasagne won't make a difference, just make sure that the tops of the rolls are covered with sauce, too, or they will dry out and taste not nice. For the pros and cons of fresh vs. dried pasta in "al forno" dishes, see the almost duplicate lasagne Q/A.


No. Sodium bicarbonate isn't alkaline enough. You won't have traditional ramen unless you were to use sodium carbonate. You will end up with a noodle with less bite if you were to use baking soda. Just bake the sodium bicarbonate at 400-425F (not in a low oven like another poster is claiming) for 30 mins to an hour till its all become grainy rather than ...

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