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Depends on what sort of noodles, but you could cook them with less water. If you cook the noodles with 'just enough' water it will all be absorbed during cooking, so there will be none left to drain. This would probably be quicker, as there is less water for the microwave to heat up. Also, if the noodles have any sort of seasoning, draining the water could ...


Do you like your noodles swimming in water? If not, drain them.


The trick is, soak them in very hot (not boiling) water for five minutes then refresh them under cold water to stop the softening process, then run a little hot water over them and leave them to drain on a coarse bamboo mat or strainer for at least half an hour until they are dry to the touch. You could even put them under a fan to help excess water ...


I have three thoughts relating to your dilemma, and I have some bad news. I think the execution of these noodles relies on techology and an ingredient you may find difficult to aquire and utilize. Starches go through a variety of predictable physical changes when water, fat, and heat are introduced to them. (There are many well-written posts about this.) ...


There are many Asian supermarkets in the UK, and if you live in London there are markets in Brewer Street and The Japan centre on Shaftesbury Avenue. There is also an on-line Japanese site... http://www.japanesekitchen.co.uk/

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