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Assuming both have been pasteurized, the nutritional value is the same...You're certainly not going to be drinking milk at pasteurization temperatures. For raw milk, you have to weigh the risks of bacterial contamination. It's rare, but it can be exceedingly nasty.


In general, in most jurisdictions, the calories would be based on the edible portion (or the commonly eaten portion), so oranges without the peel, nuts without the shell.


Soup, stocks etc. do contain surprising large amounts of fat trapped within the collagen and other dissolved products Boned chicken at best is 25% protein (15% for chicken with bone). At the very best case, by the time you have added water etc. to make a stock, you will be down to about 5% protein. For pure stocks this will unlikely to be even 1% Good ...


Most of the weight in fresh fruit is water, which has no calories. When you dry the fruit, the remainder is concentrated, so there are more calories in a given volume or weight. Sulfur dioxide is a preservative with anti-microbial properties. The claim of 3.6 times the energy is specious.

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