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You can roast them, or shell them and then put them into soups/congees. This article seems to have pretty clear instructions: http://www.thekitchn.com/ingredient-spotlight-ginkgo-nu-105591


I think it most likely that the methods you describe are theoretically possible, but risky and not particularly cost-effective. Whatever the mechanism that could be used to render the almonds safe for consumption, it seems difficult to confirm this in a home preparation, leaving you with some potential (even if small) that they'll still produce some cyanide ...


If you want them to taste like cashews, there should be no need to "replace flavor" - you can attempt washing and then drying in the oven - results may vary depending on how the "spicy" was applied. Probably they will remain somewhat spicy, as those flavors tend to be fat-soluble, so they will get into the nut but not come out with a wash (and I can't really ...


These are what we Brits would call Conkers! Only we use a close relative - the horse chestnut. The schoolyard game of Conkers involves drilling a hole, threading a string with a knot and taking it in turns to smash your opponent's conker. Surfice to say that there is very little use for them aside from the wartime production of acetone. Horse chestnut trees ...

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