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Most dehydrating is about using as little heat as possible to dry the air out without cooking the food. On dry, sunny days, you can use the sun on a dark surface as a heat source. Dark surfaces will absorb heat from the sun, heating the air which will lower the relative humidity and and warm the nuts which will 'mobilize' the water in the nuts so the air ...


You don't want to remove all the moisture, but you do need to remove quite a bit. Too much moisture can actually cause a nut butter to seize up and become very thick, similar to adding water to melted chocolate. You could roast the nuts either in the oven or in oil before grinding. This will remove moisture much faster.


If you don't dehydrate the nuts, you'llend up with water and nut oil in your nut butter. This is a bad combination since it is likely to make your nut butter get mouldy very quickly.

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