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Check this link, snapguide . It shows a method that could easily be replicated, perhaps to crack several at one time. As I've read elsewhere, the trick to cracking the shell without destroying the nut is to place the nut in a divot. (I would use something slightly deeper than shown in the link.)


Macadamia shells take somewhere around 300 pounds per square inch to crack, which is an awful lot, but doable. Roasting may, according to some, make the shell more brittle, how long and how hot I do not know. Using a hammer is of course one way, but as you say you can end up smashing it to pieces. I would try your hammer method again this time with a ...


I've used C-clamps before. You set the macademia in it, then tighten it down 'til it cracks. You can keep a gloved hand around the nut while turning the screw with the other hand to avoid the risk of flying shell bits. (but you should be turning slow enough that it doesn't crack explosively) It does take some time, but it's less than a minute per nut. ...

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