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You could always do it in a covered dish and put it in a low temp oven. You could start low maybe at 200 and bump up the heat if it doesn't get anywhere in 40 mins.


Pasta relies on gluten development for its strength and structure. Only wheat and its close relatives have the necessary precursor proteins, glutenin and gliadin, from which gluten is formed. You simply will not be able to make pasta from 100% oat flour using a recipe designed for wheat flour, as oats do not contain gluten (well, technically, its ...


Steel cut oats and rolled oats are the same initial product, and after processing they basically have the same nutritional profile. Only a low heat is used, and nutrients don't magically fly away Both are steamed. This is done for shelf life. It quite hard to buy fresh, non steamed oats (steel cut or rolled) Everything else is personal preference, taste, ...

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