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My strategy: 1. Cook in microwave Cook porridge in microwave as per packet instructions (quick oats are obviously quicker). 2. Add cooling ingredients Add the right amount of cooling ingredients. I typically add a splash of extra milk and a few frozen berries. Around 10 frozen blueberries for a good serve of porridge adds a few extra vitamins, more ...


Easy 4 minutes Get your bowl and measure out enough rolled oats. Put oats in pot. Add milk - no water - enough to cover - you don't want them swimming - but you don't want them gluggy. Turn on heat and stir gently until steam just starts rising. Here is the tricky bit: You need to catch them before they boil. You will get a couple of glugs as steam ...


There are two options as near as I can see: Switch to quick/instant oats - they are cut much finer, so they have a higher surface area and absorb liquid much quicker. You can usually cook quick oats to the consistency of porridge in 2-3 minutes. Pour some cool milk on top and you are at optimum eating temperature within 5 minutes. Buy a thermos and cook ...


When I want to have oatmeal porridge, I cook it in my rice cooker. It has a timer and a porridge setting, so I can set it up the night before, have it run at 6am or whatever is appropriate, so it finishes 15-20 minutes before I am ready to eat it. That way it cools off appreciably, and I can add milk/etc. to cool it further. Disadvantage of this is you ...


I may be a heretic, but I use quick oats. It takes about a minute and a half in the microwave and I let it cool, covered, for about another minute.


Cook the porridge before you shower, so you have something to do while it cools. The porridge will also cool faster in a shallower bowl with a spoon in it: shallower gives more surface area for conducting heat away and the spoon acts as a heat sink.


Don't use a bowl to cool them in, use a large baking tray or flan dish By spreading them out they will cool in a couple of minutes Also be more precise in the amount or milk/water you add, and cook in the microwave for the minimum time required (usually three minutes). Some experimentation will usually show you can get away with less added liquid, and less ...


Oatmeal, like many foods, cooks faster in a pressure cooker. To cool quickly, place near a fan to speed the diffusion of heat.


Related to @AlexandreRafalovitch's answer: Hot cereals such as oatmeal can be slow-cooked overnight in a crockpot. The amount of water may need adjusting... but it does work.


If you want to save time in the morning, you can do so by doing it overnight and avoiding cooking all together. Combine it cold and leave in the fridge. Obviously, you can also elaborate on that for more interesting results.


For my daughters, I usually have a speedy porridge process that goes like this: Oats, sugar and water to cover (we don't use milk, but it would be the same) in the bowl. About 3 minutes in the microwave, just to boiling point. This makes a fairly thick porridge, which is stirred for a minute to let steam out. Drop an ice cube into the bowl and stir until ...

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