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You should never cook on high for more than a few minutes. High heat is only for brief searing and boiling water. Teflon coated skillet should never be used on high heat due to the release of carcinogens being released at high heat.


Just because peanut oil has a higher smoke point than other oils doesn't mean your pan won't get hotter. Don't leave your pan on high for so long.


(Liquid) water cannot exceed 100°C because that it's boiling point, and any additional heat applied goes toward the latent heat of evaporation needed to turn it into a gas (steam, which can then be higher than 100°C). Oils have a boiling point much higher than water, and a point lower than that (but still much higher than water's boiling point) called the ...


For grapes you don't make oil from the fruit, you make it from the seed. The only entries in this table for fruit "flesh" are for oil palm and olives. Assuming the price of some oils correspond to the difficultly to get a reasonable yield, I think their will not be enough oil in grapefruit (or grape flesh) to extract, otherwise it would probably have been ...


In the U.S. Yellow Squash is the second one pictured. It is a staple here during the summer months. Also tasty sautéed with Vidalia or sweet onions.


You should be able to mix almond butter into almond milk to raise the fat level to that of cream. That should be enough, assuming you want the cream as cream, or for a ganache or something. I've certainly done this with coconut milk and coconut oil, and used in a ganache for a chocolate cake. For whipping, you'll need something with more stability than ...

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