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Ok I can give you an idea on what to do but it is a long shot. From what i see they use 1 Emulsifier •soy lecithin 3 Thickeners •tragacanth gum resin •apple pectin •cellulose 1 Swetener •sorbitol 1 flavour •orange flavors The rest is Vitamins. You dont need to add them. So you can use sugar instead of sorbitol. Soy lecithin should not be hard to ...


Oils can often be emitted from the cheese, pepperoni, meats, etc. Basically anything that is animal-based can have oils that seep out at high temperatures. Better pizza establishments will tend to use higher-quality (or at least more predictable) ingredients to manage the oiliness of their products.


I have had a pizza with a drizzle of olive oil on top (in addition to some basil, pesto, and something else). As best I remember, it did not end up looking, feeling, or tasting particularly "oily", although it was visually apparent (olive-green lines). However, that was a high-end pizzeria; I've never seen oil on a delivered pizza, at least not any that was ...


Both. Is it soggy with moisture? Or is it soggy with oil? In both cases, the problem isn't excess oil, after all, French Fries are usually deep fried. The problem is that the moisture isn't adequately driven out of the fry and/or that the fries sit in cold oil. The crispiest French fries (read that non-soggy) are first soaked in cold water to remove excess ...


Its really good experience to cook and eat food cooked with sunflower oil but olive oil is also a good choice to cook. Don't use olive oil for frying, it can be used for shallow fry and to make curry where you don't needed to cook at high temperature.


As Eric Hu said in a previous answer, oil reduces the formation of gluten, therefore affecting the elasticity of the dough. From the chemical and physical point of view, without altering other variables (yeast, rising time, salt, amount of liquid,etc) a dough with less or no oil will me more elastic, allowing bigger bubbles and giving the bread a chewier ...


Personally butter and oil adds a particular flavor to bread and in fact the bread looks like cake and seems like chocolate cake. When the bread especially the local type called kumba bread that I produced is oiled with enough butter inside before baking, the bread comes out from the oven very bright and having that coffee brown color so attractive to eat.

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