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I use extra virgin olive oil in cakes all the time because thats usually all I have on hand it it works just fine. Never tasted a difference and never had anyone else taste a difference.


sunflower oil is the best for indian cooking.


In the interests of safety, most modern deep fat fryers say NO lard, butter, etc. (hard fats). The manufacturers don't say why but I've heard many people conjecture that lard heats up, smokes, maybe burns when exposed to fairly high temperatures (over 370F. or 185C.). My theory is that the heating coils on the deep fat fryer overheat the lard if it is used ...


The cooking snobs will say that butter is better, and even my fading taste buds can sometimes detect the difference. But much of the time you can make the substitute. BTW the reason for the 7/8 figure is that butter runs about 1/8 water. So you may have to use 7/8 cup of oil and 1-2 tablespoons of water. The biggest difference between solid fat and oil ...


You absolutely can. maximegir link has some great info and here is another link about common substitutions. Just make sure you don't use a one to one, 7/8 oil to 1 part butter like the link says is about right. Also, in my experience there is subtle difference and the dough wont be as thick. I say run with it!


I have picked and processed hundreds of kilos of olives for oil. I store the cloudy oil in plastic water bottles in a dark cupboard and wait. The sediment will fall and then you just drain off the clear oil. The remaining oil with the sediment in it I use for tools, hinges etc and other DIY uses.


It is not the brand. What you are seeing is just a bit of polymerisation, this occurs normally with thin layers of oil exposed to the air for a long time (on the bottle) and especially to a combination of air and heat (on the burner). All oils polymerise to some degree. But if you buy a oil designed specifically for very high heat applications, you will ...

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