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I understand organic standard involves testing for adulteration (mixing lower quality and fake oils in) along with checking for pesticide residues etc. So organic can mean you are more likely to get 100% extra virgin. But scams happen with organic too, especially imports from other countries to the US.


The only reason to use butter instead of olive oil would be for the butter flavor. In restaurant cooking the steak is finished off with butter for flavor. If you do cook with butter you need to remember butter has a much lower burn point than olive oil.


Olive oil will degrade over time, but that is measured in months and years if stored out of the light, and in cool conditions. If you leave EVOO (extra virgin olive oil) in a glass container in sunlight, it will start to loose some of it's amazing flavour, astringency, and smell, but again this will take many days to be even slightly noticeable. It will ...

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