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Using water does make the taste a lot better because the protein is a lot richer.


Your problem is trying to put the sweet potatoes through the belnder. Instead, follow the preparation for the spanish Tortilla de Patatas, or a slight shortcut, and avoid flipping it by cooking it like a fritata: Cook the potatoes in slices, (frying is typical, but you can also roast them). While the potatoes are frying, mix up the eggs & pre-heat the ...


How about blending the potatoes with only half of the eggs? If you are maxing a scramble you can pour one in first, wait for it to coagulate a little, and then add the rest. If you are making an omelette you pour the eggs sans potato first, wait for it to harden, and then pour the sweet potato eggs on top.


It sounds like this is more like scrambled eggs instead of an omelet. It does sound tasty, but I can understand your issue with the coloration. If you're using orange sweet potatoes, that is likely the biggest cause of the coloration issues. Eggs themselves usually stay yellow when cooked, though they may turn brown if cooked and then left to cool and wait ...

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