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About the onions: I have not made them this way for a while, but: Prepare them by covering them in sugar and some salt (I never had any measurements... sugar/salt ratio tended do depend on what I was planning to do with them) and leaving them standing like that for a bit while your oil/fat heats up. When frying-time comes, the onions should be quiet moist ...


I don't have much to add on the subject of onions and cheese, but making your own SpƤtzle is not that difficult and totally worth the trouble. I use this recipe from The Galley Gourmet, and have found it to be very similar to what I've eaten in Bavaria.


In order to get crispy-crunchy fried onions, you need to deep-fry them at a high temperature. Pan frying just won't get them crunchy, they'll just get softer and softer as they get browner and browner. I don't know where you are from, but we have a product in the US that is ubiquitous in late fall, particularly on the Thanksgiving table. Perhaps something ...


I'm a chef and do the same but the only reason we do it is for presentation


I am a Ph.D. synthetic chemist. I want to share some tricks I have used you might not know about. If you want raw onions that are not sharp soak in either vinegar or lime or lemon juice or salt water prior to use. After burn is removed- can test vs. time- drain off solution before use. The result are onions raw you can use in cooking. OR simple microwave ...

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