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Food preservatives such as nitrite, sorbic acid, phenolic antioxidants, polyphosphates, and ascorbates are all proven additives to help reduce the risk. phenolic antioxidants in particular come from plant materials. If I were you, I would invest my time into researching such ingredients as bay leafs because you can buy them in bulk and because they're food ...


I suppose dropping the bags in liquid nitrogen for a few minutes, and then storing in the freezer might suffice. mostly fish, but not a bad read: http://www.fda.gov/downloads/Food/GuidanceRegulation/UCM252416.pdf Edit post clarification of the question: Liquid nitrogen is still fun if you can find an excuse, and highly effective. In a less drastic ...


Unless he actually canned the sauce (processing the jars in boiling water bath or pressure canner as appropriate) and was working from a trusted recipe, no, this is definitely not safe. It takes processing like this to make canned goods shelf stable. And the recipe is important too; for example if the pH isn't low enough it's not safe to use the boiling ...


I love green onions! I will usually cut the onion to just the edge of the green part. I then store it in a glass of water. The green part gets cut into small chives and stored in a container with sealing lid in the freezer door, for soups and casseroles. I like to dip the the root stalks in ranch dressing. Yum!


Simple they are coming from same plant. one of It's call spring onion(onion leaves) the others(chives) are call their flowers !.

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