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My sister-in-law is conplaining about the same thing. Her oven takes 20 minutes to heat up to 350 degrees. I timed our oven last night and it took 7-1/2 minutes. I was suprised it heated up so fast.


We have had quite a few questions in the past in which combo microwaves showed symptoms of not turning off the microwave part when being put in what is supposed to be a pure toasting mode. If this is true, the only thing such an oven is good for is the same thing as a microwave: liquids (warming or cooking them), vegetables, steamed-like, heating food ...


Microwaves are fine for veggies and for reheating most leftovers. They are notoriously bad at anything having to do with bread, or anything crunchy. Nothing will make a nice crispy coating go soggy faster than a microwave. Some people like them for rice, I do not. I think they ruin rice. You can quickly achieve an edible potato, but it won't have that ...


It also helps you tell if your oven's actually working. If you're a good judge of temperature (or if you have an oven thermometer), you can also judge if the oven's keeping the correct temperature before you close it up and ignore it for a lengthy period of time. (from Pork shoulder put in broken oven for 10 hours, safe to eat?)

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