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Be careful when combining lots of extracts that use alcohol as a solvent with lots of caffeine, since there are health concerns around that particular combination. Most applications won't get anywhere near the kinds of levels that article is talking about, but it's theoretically possible to reach that level.


I probably would not recommend eating a box of baking soda and chasing that with shots of vinegar. But aside from that silliness, I can't think of a single thing that is actual "food" that is unsafe mixed with another actual "food", assuming reasonable quantities. Certainly anything with alcohol can be dangerous in huge quantities, as can a lot of other ...


A baked potato & onion sauce with mixed peppers. Make the onion sauce in the usual way & just before serving stir in chopped red, green & yellow peppers. They should be warmed through but still lovely & crispy. Valerie


Look for wines that are produced in the cheese region...or cheeses produced in the wine region (not culture, since there is wide regional variation). A good general rule is if it produced in very close proximity, it will probably work well together. Once you recognize flavor profiles of wines and cheeses, you can branch out and experiment. Personally, I ...

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