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If you're asking if you can bake a cake in that aluminum tin because you're wondering if it's safe, then the answer is yes. It says Lasagna Pan on the label, as in you're meant to bake a lasagna in it. No reason why a cake would be dangerous. I imagine you'd be baking the cake at a lower temp than a lasagna. You'd want to worry about the cake sticking to ...


When I was in the navy, we used to store peeled and cut potatoes in a big plastic bin covered in water. They would be fine for a day or two. In a home setting, I think putting them in a covered bowl with (unsalted) water overnight would probably work fine.


More and more, I've taken to using heavy cast iron cookware. It holds heat far better than anything else, guaranteeing a constant temperature. Of course, this is because of cast iron's mass, which means the pots are heavy - possibly a deal-breaker for some. I like Staub's products best, though they're expensive. They're attractive, and can go right on the ...

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