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It looks possible that the two pieces don't actually go together. The patent referred to is number 625702, for an enameled chafing dish with a domed lid. (It's kind of hard to tell, but I think the innovation being claimed is the lip/indentation which allows the handle to be attached without damaging the enamel.) The patent does mention the inventor's ...


Looks like a roasting pan...perhaps for chestnuts


Aluminum likes to bow as you describe. If you lack any good hard surfaces in the kitchen, take the pan outside and whack its bottom on the sidewalk a couple times. That'll reflatten it. Carefully aplied hammers or fists can accomplish the same job inside.


I have one large, deep sided skillet, which bows upward like that. I'm very careful not to shock the pans, but this one is very thin. The other pans I have, with thick bottoms, don't move at all. I got into the habit of putting the tea pot on, while cooking. This is partly because I'm usually also making coffee, and I use the hot water to warm the cup ...

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