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you will need a pan that is metal with a wooden handle it lasts years and years. I have one with a wooden handle and it is great i have been using it for 20 years now.


I hope you're using cake release! And you've never actually "seasoned" it (as in covering it with oil and baking it in a very hot oven). If you did season it, that's a problem. I'll get to that in just a second. Otherwise, all you need is to wash the pan right away in hot soapy water (use a high quality dish soap, ultra cheap ones don't work as well) after ...


What I've found that works for any cake pan is to clean it immediately after removing the cake. Following my mother's example, as soon as I turn a cake (or layer) out, I wipe out any residue in the pan with a dry paper towel. This gets it out while it is still moist and before it has a chance to harden on the surface of the pan. Once it hardens, it can be ...


I talked to my Mom and we both agreed that it may be a old fashioned waffle or fancy pancake pan. All you do is put water in the bottom, boil, butter the top pan, add the pancake or waffle mix, stir around, put back on top and cook. Maybe you could put a homemade cake or shortcake mix and put the lid on and cook. There are cakes that one can cook on the ...

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