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Snackery pancake mix...chewy, but I am looking for their recipe.


I do these for my breakfast rolls. I make a pancake but it is somewhere between a pancake and a burrito. The key isn't the mix (although skip baking powder/soda and a little less flour and maybe a little more salt) but it is the cooking technique. You will have to lower the heat. My pancakes cook around 220F and my pancake rolls go at about 180F. The ...


Dilute, and raise less. I rather like a "bread pancake" which is simply frying up some of my yeast bread starter/sponge - flour, water, yeast - adjust liquid to get the thickness you like. No eggs, but you could use eggs while diluting more if that makes what you are after. The sourdough ones can be especially different from a normal pancake.


For crispyness, adding rice flour helps. Und keine Eier!

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