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In the US, carrots are normally sold topless too. I do understand the desire to see those fresh green leaves on it, but in fact, they're not helping. Since they're still alive, they draw nutrients and water out of the root, decreasing what's left for you. This means they may actually be worse than ones that had the tops left on them, especially if they've ...


The leaves steal moisture from the root, resulting in a limp vegetable. Removing the leaves increases storage life. My guess is that supermarkets perform this service for their benefit rather than yours. If they left the tops on, they would have to sell their entire stock daily, and have their suppliers pick fresh ones to replace what was sold. This ...


The answer to why parsnips are topped is answered satisfactorily by both Steven and Jefromi. So why are parsnips also trimmed at the tail? This is obvious to anyone who is familiar with the unadulterated specimen. Behold the untrimmed parsnip! The full root is of quite variable length and sometimes long enough to be unwieldy in packaging. If you're not ...


My grandmother scraped both her parsnips and her carrots. Basically you hold your knife perpendicular to the vegetable and drag it down the length. It's the same action as using a peeler. In fact, I usually just peel mine with a peeler. But scraping leaves a tiny bit more of the vegetable.


I use a vegetable peeler. I could use a knife, but I found I was losing a lot of parsnip that way. I also found that they really needed to lose that outer layer, texture wise, after washing and popping them in the pot one time. They were a bit... chewy.


I generally peel parsnips like I would a carrot and then core them using this method: After trimming the ends and peeling the parsnip, quarter it lengthwise. Hold a sharp paring >knife parallel to the cutting board and slowly run the knife between the core and the tender >outer part of the parsnip. The core curves with the shape of the parsnip, so you ...

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