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According to Sassy Radish, yes, you can make your own matzo meal by the obvious method of putting some crumbled matzo sheets into the food processor. She notes that you will get about 1/2 cup from two sheets. Farfel can be made simply by breaking the matzo into appropriately sized pieces. This site explains that it is easiest to do it by hand to get the ...


Looking through recipes suggests a variety of apples. Gala showed up the most, with Fuji in second, and McIntosh and Delicious tied for last. If you want to go with the "source" of the recipe for Charoset, though, you'll want a sweet apple. The recipe has its roots in Song of Solomon/Songs, and the verse that refers to the apples reads as: As the ...


I assume we are making candy or fudge. Heat the brown sugar first when you have it to temperature, stir in the margarine off the heat then pour it.

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