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I think it has to do with the region.I made sauce and spaghetti last night and you could cut it like cake.I went back home to Texas last Oct and made spaghetti there, it was loose and not sticky.For me I say it is the altitude,humidity or who knows? Update: I just tried something else that worked very well for me.I cooked a serving of spaghetti noodles for 2 ...


I've found the following to make tomato sauces bitter: Tomato seeds Underripe tomatoes Burnt garlic Usually, adding sweetness helps somewhat, although letting the garlic get too brown, let alone burn it, can hardly be corrected for. Some things I've found to help: Extra carrot Brown sugar


It is all about the sauce and the time. If you are boiling your pasta sheets [or if you have fresh ones] the lasagna will be done within 30 min baking time. However without boiling your sheets it would need rather an hour. I am using a bit more sauce - making a rag├╣ and using it generously. I also use a bechamel-ricotta mixture [first make the bechamel sauce ...


I make lasagna without boiling the noodles all the time! I have also made other noodle casseroles without first cooking the noodles. If your sauce is "wet" enough or if you add a little extra water to your sauce, it cooks fine! Most of the dishes I make, bake for about an hour and that is plenty for plumped up noodles with the same texture as boiled ahead. I ...

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