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I don't have much to add on the subject of onions and cheese, but making your own SpƤtzle is not that difficult and totally worth the trouble. I use this recipe from The Galley Gourmet, and have found it to be very similar to what I've eaten in Bavaria.


In order to get crispy-crunchy fried onions, you need to deep-fry them at a high temperature. Pan frying just won't get them crunchy, they'll just get softer and softer as they get browner and browner. I don't know where you are from, but we have a product in the US that is ubiquitous in late fall, particularly on the Thanksgiving table. Perhaps something ...


The answer is in your third picture -- chopsticks. Grab the bunch with the chopsticks, twirl it around, then slide the chopsticks out.


Corn Noodles are easy to make. Let's go to Moma's kitchen and watch her make some ;-) LET'S COOK IT TOGETHER - http://bit.ly/1fBpPOj RECIPE: 500 gr. Cornflour, 5 eggs, Salt, Parmesan (optional), 2 tbsp olive oil


Try searching for "mascarpone e salsa di mandorle" Here's an example recipe that I found. http://www.subitoricette.it/ricetta-spaghetti-mascarpone-mandorle/


Just add an extra cup or so of water to the sauce. It comes out fine! I do it every time.

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