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Ii just finished making cannelloni & have made it lots of times. What I do for filling is once the filling is ready to fill, throw it in a food processor and pulse a little and I use the freezer bag method. Simple to fill, less mess. I can do about 30 in 15 min.


For one nondairy option you can use a puree of cooked garbanzo beans (chickpeas), lemon juice, salt, a bit of cornstarch, and garlic if desired. I like this for lasagnas as it doesn't overpower the dish with a cheesy flavor and lets the vegetable flavors really come through. Another option is to soak cashews for a few hours, then puree them with lemon ...


Cream Cheese is a great substitute. I have a friend with similar distaste to cottage cheese so we just use cream cheese, cheddar and mozzarella.


I've made lasagna several times with homemade egg pasta. The pasta cooks in the steam generated by the ingredients you're baking and there is no need to blanch, parcook or do anything to the homemade pasta before using it in your recipe. The noodles can be quite fragile and moving them around once they are cooked can easily tear them or stretch them out to ...

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