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Your sauce is thickening up too much because it's losing moisture. After you cook your cheese sauce to perfection and mix it in with your pasta 2 things are happening: The sauce loses moisture due to evaporation. It's hot, and even with the lid on you will still lose moisture The pasta will soak up water from the sauce. It's just starch, and starch sponges ...


I substitute small curd cottage cheese for the ricotta cheese and i mash any large curds... i seriously dislike ricotta and cottage cheese and this way (whey) i don't notice it being in there. Also, I use 1/2 amount in recipe and this camouflages the ingredient as well. Hope this suggestion helps.


Scarface was the nickname of the early 20th century American organized crime boss, Al Capone. He was slashed in the face while working at a New York City nightclub. The injury left a scar that led to the nickname. Capone's parents immigrated from Italy, and it is said that he enjoyed eating Italian foods. The notoriety and name-recognition of Al Capone ...


Ah, One Pot Pasta.... As loads of bloggers, authors and cooks - possibly inspired by Martha Stewart and her team - have confirmed: dumping the pasta, sauce ingredients and a carefully meassured amount of liquid in one pot or pan will give you a "pasta and sauce" dish in ten to fifteen minutes. And it works. Sort of. Your instinct matches my experience: ...


I'm going to give a different answer than the one I gave in the question that Stephie referenced: Yes, you (most likely) need to cook the fresh pasta. The problem is that for the other case to work, you need to at the very least dry the pasta first before you use it. If you don't, the moisture will just turn the pasta into paste. For typical lasagne, ...


Whether the pasta is rolled for cannelloni or flat for lasagne won't make a difference, just make sure that the tops of the rolls are covered with sauce, too, or they will dry out and taste not nice. For the pros and cons of fresh vs. dried pasta in "al forno" dishes, see the almost duplicate lasagne Q/A.

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