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I have never used extruders, but I make a lot of tagliatelle using my pasta roller. I expect extruders to not be as easy to use with gluten free pasta (please correct me if I'm wrong), as the gluten free dough is shorter than normal pasta dough. The pasta roller doesn't really change the dough too much with gluten free pasta, as you say a big thing is to ...


Yes! You can, in fact, it is used in India to make fresh pasta like Gujarati dal dhokri.


Kraft macaroni and cheese is made perfectly palatable just by letting the macaroni soak in hot tap water for 15 minutes or so (keep stirring it) Overhydrating until its mush is not a problem because if you are making mac & cheese this way, chances are you're pretty hungry and you will be checking it for correct tendeness. It does taste noticeably ...


#2 pasta is a very large noodled pasta with a hole in the center running the length of the noodle. It's like a spaghetti noodle only much thicker around. Used often in Greek dishes and esp with the mizythra cheese and browned butter recipe. It is very difficult to find.

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