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I love the subject of nutrition. According to the charts I looked at in the past (I had the same question), only potassium seems affected by cooking and only a slight lose is shown in the charts.


It won't be as nice if you place meat into the fresh tomato sauce. The reason why is because you are then essentially boiling the mince, so you won't have any caramelisation happening. That caramelisation adds a good amount of flavour to the sauce, so you'll be losing that. Sure, the mince may dry during the frying process, but remember that it will get ...


Mince needs to be browned, the longer the better in my opinion, to get all the nice sticky brown flavors into your dish (not just mince all meat within reason). Then I drain the fat and add onions till they go nice and brown. Then add your wine till it's reduced down to nearly nothing and then your tomatoes. The main thing to maintain the integrity of the ...


Quark doesn't melt at all. What you can do is to stir it into the sauce. From there on, it depends on the version you have available. I haven't seen the Polish one. If it is firm and crumbly like some of the quarks I've had, it will remain that way in the sauce, and you will have a grainy texture. The German type is similar to yogurt in texture, and it ...


Put the pesto in just as the sauce is done and as you're taking it off the heat. Generally, pesto does not benefit at all from cooking. By adding it to the sauce just as it is being pulled from the heat, it's temp will equalize with the sauce, without being cooked. Are you planning to serve this over pasta? If so, drain the pasta (save some of the pasta ...


Add a little oil and a little salt to your pasta and stop overcooking it.


No matter how much flour I add or how much I knead, the result is the same: the dough is too sticky Could be the weather and not you at fault! Seriously, my Italian flat mate swore the British climate was the reason for not achieving the perfect pasta mix every time. He ended up a risotto eater instead. Apart from that, a couple of things occur to me. ...

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