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I would not use water. I would mix the honey and almonds with some butter. If you were going to bake at 350F or lower, you could brush on before baking. Focaccia is typically baked at significantly higher temperature and the honey and almonds would surely get too dark. There is a honey glaze on these dinner rolls. You could add the almonds and glaze during ...


I would simply add it near the end baking. If you add it at the beginning it will almost certainly burn, as you said. Pop it on 5 minutes or so before you need to take the bread out and the honey will have a chance to 'bed in' and the almonds will toast a little (if that's what you want).


There is a way of speeding up the soaking just a little, and that is the addition of bicarbonate of soda and potassium bicarbonate (baking soda & baking powder)... This will somewhat reduce the soaking time. However remember to clean your beans well after soaking.


You do need to soak the beans unfortunately, you are not going to get good results without soaking them. There's really no substitute for adzuki beans which would work well in this recipe, I'd go for another type of filling. Choux pastry (ie the puff) can be baked ahead of time but is best fresh as it gets soggy easily.You could make the pastry cream the ...

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