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There are two techniques I can think of, that might help. You can try one or the other, or both, as it suits your fancy. First, you mention that a thinner roll of pastry will affect the ratio of filling? Make the whole log thinner. Take that same square of dough, make it into a longer rectangle. take the same cylinder of turkish delight, make it into a ...


You might be stumbling about the fact that "Krapfen" is more ambiguous that your Krapfen = donut conclusion. The small piece of yeast-based dough, often filled and/or fried. That's the category your "Krapfen" and donuts fall into. In many dialects they are also called "Kreppel". (And a bunch of other names.) Filled pasta dough, sweet or savoury, typically ...


I can only answer as to the USA. In the US, English speakers do not say krapfen, nor would most English speakers be familiar with the word.

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