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Letting them sit and dry is very important. If it's more humid that day I turn the ceiling fan on on medium and leave them on the table under the fan for 30-60mins. That helps A LOT. They dry very nicely.


Mille feuille (Napoleon), eclairs and petit fours, to name but a few, are definitely iced with fondant pastry - also known as poured fondant. Not a royal icing. There are 3 types of fondant: Pastry Fondant - known as poured fondant Confectioners Fondant - can be interchangeable as poured fondant. Rolled Fondant Both poured and confectioners are ...


If you are only proofing your shaped croissants for 40mins, that could be your problem. Proofing croissants takes a lot longer than proofing bread. you should be proofing the shaped croissants at 78degreesF/25~26degreesC for 2-2.5hours at HIGH humidity. If you don't have a high humid environment, then put one coat of egg wash on right away before you ...

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