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I just came across your question regarding the chocolate eclairs and the secret is the water and butter has to be boiling rapidly when you put the flour in. I know this as I have had disasters as well, but now I am a pro.


I didn't see the link for the recipe, but if it calls for fresh apricots you can substitute Peaches. Freestone vs Cling refers to whether the flesh is attached to the pit. when you slice the fruit. We get Michigan peaches in Chicago. There is no appreciable taste difference between the two. I would skin the peaches.You dunk them in simmering water ...


I think I know exactly what your problem with this pastry has been. You alluded to it here: Would this cheat puff pastry really work? I stressed in my answer to that question that the butter must be kept cold while making the pastry and up to the point that you put it in the oven. I'm nearly certain that keeping your dough cold enough has been your problem. ...


The prime culprit for toughness in my pastries is too much gluten development. Usually this occurs for me through one of the following: overhandling or kneading the dough. Technically, every time you rearrange the dough. too much time between mixing and oven. Gluten develops all by itself - albeit very slowly. too high a ratio of gluten to water. This ...


Go to the supermarket and just buy a pack of filo pastry sheets. Filo pastry if applied properly will definitely make it flaky and soft.


My approach to pastry (and cooking in general) is "science-y" -- in order to replicate a recipe, I want to understand the techniques being applied and moreover how the techniques produce the intended result. It sounds like you're serious about this, so this is how I'd approach the situation. I hope this is helpful, and not too wordy! Full disclosure: I'm no ...


There are two ways that I make puff pastry. The first is Rough Puff Pastry which is a quicker way to make puff pastry and you get about 75% of the rise you get with normal puff pastry. Here is a link for a Rough Puff Pastry that I use. I'd say that the most important tips to take from that recipe is that the butter must be cold when you start and make sure ...

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