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Put them in the microwave for about 30 seconds, they become oily, put in your spices and mix well, hey presto the seasoning sticks, let them cool!


Having recently made peanut butter by hand, (Using an hand cranked food processor). I can say after looking at the result, over the last few weeks. My peanut butter is much more oily than store bought. It has also separated more. The only trick to making your own peanut butter is the process it more than you thought. When you think you are done, keep ...


The difference may be in how finely the peanuts are ground. Depending on the stores machine, you may not be getting a perfectly smooth peanut butter which means there is still some residual oil in there. Also, a week after fresh-ground is still very fresh. That jar of xyz brand on the shelf can be six months or older. If you leave your fresh ground out ...

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