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Here are a few things to be wary of when buying peppers: Wrinkled skin -- it's a sign that they're drying out. It should be firm and smooth. Soft areas -- it's a sign that it's starting to rot in areas. It should be firm all over. Fuzz near the stem or blossom end -- you can't always see outward signs of the fuzzy mold, but if you do, it'll be right ...


In Japan there's a notion of a "batsu game" in which the unlucky participant gets something unpleasant. Some of them are sort of "voluntary," such as drinking games, where the unlucky loser of a particular round of challenges has to drink something, sometimes something considered unpleasant. But the other category often involves food with surprise ...


It sounds like it could be Shishito peppers, which about 10% are spicy, and "even experts may not be able to distinguish relative hotness on the same plant.".

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