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Yes, you can, but ideally you should roast them first. I would peel them as well. You could leave them otherwise whole if you wish, to give you greater versatility when you defrost them. If you roast, peel, de-seed, then freeze, you could even make a passable (not great, but passable) Chile Relleno out of the not-quite defrosted pepper. Stuff and bread them ...


I just made a chicken chili with habaneros from my garden. It was crazy hot. Too each bowl, I added a heaping tablespoon of plain nonfat greek yogurt. It tamed the heat considerably and brought out the flavors. I also added a little fresh lime and cilantro - so good now.


I had a red pepper spice by Astor out of Jacksonville, Florida. They are out of business, now, to my regret. Their pepper was not hot but has a very nice flavor and smell. I would use this spice without having to use salt or any other spice. It would change the smell of meat to delicious even as you sprinkled it on. I have not been able to find anything ...

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