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If it is at all possible if you remove the seeds then it will greatly reduce the heat of your peppers. That has a great deal to do why as a general rule of thumb the larger the pepper the bigger the chance to reduce the heat. You can actually remove the seeds but with those small devils it becomes difficult if not impossible. PS I have not read the other ...


If you are microwaving the soup, this will degrade capsaicine extremely quickly as it heats up quicker than other organics in the microwave and is very volatile and will evaporate.


The recipe strikes me as odd because the aromatics (chili, ginger, probably the mushrooms too but the authors intent is unclear there) would usually be fried in oil or fat, and then diluted/deglazed with the stock. That would diffuse the heat into the soup from the chilies. And then, you can add in further raw chopped peppers only towards the end of cooking, ...


The perception of "spicy" is completely dependent on the person. And there is a "tolerance building" thing going on too: what is intolerably hot for somebody not accustomed to heat might not even register for somebody who eats hot frequently. As an anecdote, I had a friend who started eating hot. After a month, she started asking the cook to use pure tabasco ...

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