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You could, but it will not be "as" good. Freezing and thawing destroy cell wall structure; making food "mushy" (*). When freezing, water turn to ice, and when freezing slowly, large ice crystals are formed and will break the cells wall. (and ice is take more volume than liquid water) To reduce the risk of damaging the food when freezing/thawing, is to ...


I have been a baker for over 30 years and made many pork pies in that time,the above answers stating that the jelly acts as a preservative and stops the meat drying out are correct, but also the jelly when added at the correct time, roughly 20 minutes half an hour after baking, absorb the pork juices that would otherwise soak into the pastry which would make ...


if you glass oven dish or bake pan, Take out one serving and heat to 30sec-45 sec . Popped into oven or toaster oven. If you put in oven you need to watch like 5-10 minutes or more.


Last time I tried to re-heat a pie in the oven, even with foil over it, the crust burned and the insides of the pie were still only lukewarm after 10 minutes plus. It sounds like your heat might've been too high, or you put it on grill instead of regular oven elements? Anyway, what I would do is microwave it for part of the reheating time. It helps to ...


Foil is the way to go, combined with not too fierce a heat. You want to cook at about 160C until the centre of the pie is piping hot. To lower the chances of burning, portion the pie prior to reheating. That way the centre will get hot more quickly. Reheating more than once is generally not a good idea for safety reasons. You can however portion one ...


Generally, pumpkin pie is made in an unbaked crust. So just pull your frozen shell out of the freezer and let it come to room temperature before filling, and bake it per your recipe. EDIT: I looked at a few recipes, and some do call for prebaking the crust, so let the recipe be your guide. The most common recipe, the one from back of the most popular brand ...


Sure, you just have to have an appropriate recipe. Google "sweetened condensed milk pumpkin pie", you will find several recipes, including one by a major maker of sweetened condensed milk.

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