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We get a bushel of apples every year and make and freeze pies. We do a double crust without problem. We put a couple of tablespoons of flour on the bottom for the juices, but we do that for fresh pie as well. We use tin and pyrex, whatever we can get our hands on. The main concerns we have is the apples juicing too much in the pie, so we assemble and ...


For freezing I bake until the top looks just cooked (not quite turning golden so maybe 5 minutes less then normal), blind baking or not depending on the filling and whether I can be bothered. Then I cool the pie in the dish on a cooling rack before wrapping it in greaseproof paper then clingfilm and freezing. When frozen it can be removed from the dish and ...


For apple, specifically, I tend to add a very thin layer of quick oats to the bottom of the pie filler to soak up any excess moisture. But nothing else really stands out in my recipe if I were to freeze it. My big thing is to use something that can handle the temperature change from freezer to oven (such as pyrex), and help it by giving it a smooth ...


I always leave on the peel I love how it tastes I also don't remove the skin when I eat a fresh apple. I really don't like any apple pies from the market so I tend to just bake them myself as they are so easy to make and taste totally different from manufactured pies.

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