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I've ripened a pineapple at home after buying - turn upside down in a vase, works great!! Turns from green to more of a yellow-greenish color - bottoms always ripen first. Don't ripen too long though.


Generally acids will inhibit the gelling process of gelatin, as I found when I tried to make a lemon jelly once and failed! Pineapple, as well as having its own particular enzymes is also fairly acidic so in your case it was probably this combination of factors. If you are using juice sometimes you can boil it to reduce before adding gelatin and cooling.


As the instructions on the box say, you shouldn't put fresh pineapple (or kiwi-fruit) in the Jell-O. Apparently pineapple has an enzyme called bromelain that breaks up the gelatin into its component amino acids. You can use canned pineapple instead as the pineapple is cooked during the canning process and this denatures the bromelain.

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