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Roasted veggies yesterday. I'll reheat them before topping the frozen pizza, then use the regular cooking time.


I just got /ate a walmart pizza as featured in their "deli" section. The directions said to put it directly on the oven grate but I ignored that as I tried it before and it drooped and melted between the wire rack .. what I did was added a slew of ingredients and boosted the temp from a terrible 35o to a better 450 Also i use a pan nut put a grate under it ...


Try coating the dough ball with a little olive oil or a non-stick spray. I don't know if that's the reason why but it's what I always do when baking bread and I never have a crust form during the rise.


If you insist on using a damp cloth, you have to make it wet again and again, so this is quite cumbersome especially with long proofing times. Much easier is plastic wrap, which doesn't prevent the dough from rising if you use it to cover a sufficiently large bowl. Tightly wrapping the dough itself obviously won't work. My prefered method for these very ...

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