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I've always found sliding in pizza occurs when the moisture in the layers is too different. The cheese is too dry and so it sticks together, the sauce is too wet and so it slides (the toppings can be either). If everything is a bit drier, it sticks together well and can be bitten apart. If everything is a bit moister, it tends to slide apart more easily ...


I make my own tomato paste and I use that directly on the fresh pizza dough. It counteracts any type of moisture and it's tart, sweet flavor adds more dimension to whatever pizza I make. Im sure a store bought paste will work just as well. If using store bought, add a little red chile flake and garlic powder;skip the salt if your cheese and or ingredients ...


In the UK the instructions generally tell you to put the pizza directly on the shelf. This is what I always do and have never had problems. I can only see the above happening where someone has gotten used to doing this and then tried it with fresh dough.


I have baked many a frozen pizza without a tray and never had a pizza lose structural integrity like that. The oven should be quite hot (usually the box will specify at least 400°F). Usually the difficulty arises when it's time to get the pizza out of the oven. I suggest a baking tray with no sides.

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