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If x is the fraction by weight of bread flour, then: 0.127x + 0.75(1-x) = 0.15 0.75 - 0.623x = 0.15 0.6 = 0.623x x = .963 So, use 96% bread flour and 4% of your high-gluten flour, by weight.


Changing the protein content affects the dough and the eventual crumb (when cooked). So the question shouldn't exactly be how does protein more protein/gluten affect browning, apart from the increased gluten will give you are more flexible dough which you work with more (ie thinner). The two ways you can increase the crisping/browning of your pizza is: ...


I've always found sliding in pizza occurs when the moisture in the layers is too different. The cheese is too dry and so it sticks together, the sauce is too wet and so it slides (the toppings can be either). If everything is a bit drier, it sticks together well and can be bitten apart. If everything is a bit moister, it tends to slide apart more easily ...

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