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Don't cook by time, cook it until it's done (you can slide a probe into all parts of the shoulder with practically zero resistance. That said, 16 hours for a 4.5 kg (10 pound) shoulder doesn't seem outrageous. In fact, at those cooking temperatures, I would be surprised if your pork was done cooking by then. Bear in mind, I am assuming that your intention is ...


Ideally you should cook to temperature and texture you are looking for you not time. Since size, composition, moisture levels, heating control of your cooking vessel all influence the cooking in ways you really can't account for. If you have you a temp sensor, just stick in the meat deepest part and cook to approximately 90-95C. 16 hours isn't crazy for ...


I have never done it, but I have seen a guy explaining how to do it and he cooked it for 9 hours in the oven at 110ÂșC, when it was done it looked pretty juicy and moist. He also said that he would cook it for longer periods, up to 18 hours, so your 16 hours at a lower temperature seems to be fine.

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