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Instead of using plastic wrap to tent the foil, use parchment paper. Cover the pan's interior with the parchment, then cover the top with parchment, now put the foil on top and crimp the edges closed. The parchment in the pan works great when making things like lasagna, it keeps it from sticking and clean up is a breeze. No crust on the bottom or sides. ...


I agree with the comment by Richard ten Brink: you can't really do this in a home freezer and expect good results. Even with a large home chest freezer, it will take way too long for a whole carcass to freeze all the way through. Freezing requires a lot more energy than maintaining something that's already frozen, and the process for a pig carcass would ...


Yes, that's normal. You just left it WAY too long in the brine. The salt denatures (unwinds) the proteins, which is the same process that happens when the proteins are exposed to heat or acid. Over brining will cause the exterior of the meat to become gray and mushy. But you don't have to take my word for it:


There certainly is such a thing as pork stock, it's made the same way as beef and chicken stock - by cooking down bones to extract the flavors. With beef you use beef bones, with pork you use pork bones. Supermarkets stock the products that make economic sense, they don't carry items which won't move - especially if they have a very limited shelf life. ...

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