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You don't want to leave it in the danger zone (40-140F) for longer than a couple hours. It sounds like you'd be cutting it pretty close, especially given that it spent some time in the danger zone before it went in the oven, and will spend some time closer to room temperature once it's done. So the safe options are things like: Reduce the oven temperature ...


One of the best ways to remove salt from food is to cook it with potatos, they will absorb some of the salt out of the meat for you. however, in your particular situation, you may come to find your meat will stay at a higher level of sodium then you would like. how to unsalt food


You cook any type of meat until no blood or pink is visible. I cook my meat whether it's beef or chicken until done. I do not use a temp stick or gauge to measure the temp. I have been cooking since I was 13, I guess you can say it comes automatic. Over a medium heat I cook ground beef until it is brown, strain excess oil off and that's it.


I roasted a 6 kg leg of boned, rolled pork on low heat for 12 hours (overnight) with the skin on (rubbed with crushed marjoram, fennel seeds, caraway seeds and a smidge of salt). When I removed the pork from the oven, I took the skin off and spread it on a baking tray (I wrapped the pork roast in foil and set it aside). I turned the oven up as high as it ...

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