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Just follow the chart up above for the required time. 3 lbs approximately 20-25 minutes per pound. About 90 minutes, equal to an hour and a half. Good luck brother!


I have been a baker for over 30 years and made many pork pies in that time,the above answers stating that the jelly acts as a preservative and stops the meat drying out are correct, but also the jelly when added at the correct time, roughly 20 minutes half an hour after baking, absorb the pork juices that would otherwise soak into the pastry which would make ...


I do agree with the comments about using the proper temperature and simmering. It can be difficult to achieve that perfect simmer, especially with a lidded pan, but quite worth the effort. Please see this from CookingLight as it gives very good information about boiling and simmering and how to get to where you want to be. Another thing would be to ...


Go with them the way they are - you sometimes have to live with your ingredients. I'd slice them, then brown on both sides and the top - should be fine.


Different cuts of ribs have different degrees of curve to them. In my experience, baby back ribs are the most curved, and St. Louis cut spareribs are the flatest (although that is a relative term). This page has a chart showing where the different cuts of ribs come from in the rib cage in case you're interested. I wouldn't try to flatten the ribs; I can't ...


All of the above AND because high temperature will kill any tapeworm eggs present on the skin.


As far as I've always believed there is 3 reasons for it. I. Theory the high temperature shocks the skin helping the skin crisp up if you've ever put a chip in cold oil you'll notice it takes far longer to crisp up than one dropped into the same oil but once hot. Or a better description is probably ... Have you ever put a poppadum into cold oil? Notice how ...

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