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In my "expert" opinion as a great lover of all things pork, I say yes, that marinade will be fine overnight. It's quite acidic, and that's a concern, but it's not so acidic as to create mush. You'll be fine marinating overnight. As a matter of fact, I'm surprised that the recipe doesn't say "2 hours up to overnight".


It can be done, but requires a bit more time. The trick is to cook it, then cool it, then heat it back up again: Cook the pork shoulder Drain the liquid, being careful not to poke at the meat too much Remove the crock from cooker, and let it cook down Place the crock in the fridge, and let chill overnight The next day you can slice the meat, then pour ...


Pork loin can be roasted without liquid, or braised with liquid, it's your choice depending on the end result you want. The main concern if roasting dry would be to not overcook the meat as it will dry out, so if you want to do that make sure you use an oven thermometer and don't cook it above 170F at the absolute maximum. When roasting I cook to 155F and ...

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