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Chump and loin are close together but they are very different cuts of meat. Chump is a working cut, so has much more connective tissue than loin, so a slower cooking process is recommended for it. It's not a bad cut at all, in fact it's delicious when prepared properly, you just need to adjust your method when using it. One thing to keep in mind is that ...


Alton Brown recommends brining pork chops in a salt water solution in one of his Good Eats episodes. I have been brining them before I cook them ever since I saw that and think it makes them juicier. I brine them for a couple hours at most and then just cook them. Never tried the drying in the refrigerator.


Yes... very safe to eat. All meats and many of the wonderful condiments we cook with contain acids that help not only with the flavoring but also helps in breaking down the meats to tenderize them. Occasionally, you will get a "burn through"or small acid bubbles forming on the aluminum foil due to its thinness. The heat from the oven also acts as a catalyst. ...


I haven't got time to make a real answer but here's a recipe The reason it's white is all to-do with light diffusion and the fact the brown 1mm thick crisp pork skin has just been stretched to over 1cm thick. Think... blowing up a balloon, it get lighter in colour as it gets bigger.

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