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Cryopacked pork (I am assuming that's the product you have) can stink when you open the package...apparently companies have lost a lot of money due to unnecessary returns of this product. If it was cryopacked, and the package's integrity remains unquestioned, AND if the smell is like eggs and that's your concern, well it's supposed to be safe...I however ...


The traditional way to begin to cook the pork belly for Buta No Kakuni is by boiling it in okara for a significant amount of time—say, 45 minutes. These are the left-over 'lees' from the creation of tofu, and may very well be free (as it is at the again-open Denver Tofu company) if you're fortunate enough to live by a tofu factory. I suspect this ...


Did either your "Italian Seasoning" or the sauce contain salt? If not, then your pork was almost certainly tasteless because it needed salt.


Some of this has already been said briefly in comments and the previous answer, but since the question is interested specifically in chemical mechanisms, here are a few more details. The general process to think about first is diffusion. This is part of a general physical property of systems to move to a state of equilibrium. Suppose you had a container ...


Marinades and Rubs are "surface treatments" only, they do not penetrate deeply into the meat. A brine is a deep treatment, which does penetrate by way of osmosis. For a quick explanation of this see Alton Brown's Good Eats

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