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This is what America's Test Kitchen (sorry, paywalled) has to say about it: Sometimes baked potatoes can use a flavor boost. And instead of light and fluffy, most often they are dense and crumbly. We found that baking the potatoes on a bed of salt remedied these problems. Moisture that escaped the potatoes during baking was trapped in the enclosed pan, ...


There are many roasting recipes that use a bed or even a dome of salt. This has three effects that I am aware of- 1- It salts the food obviously. This isn't necessarily a reason all by itself. As you noticed salt is just as easily added later. 2- It keeps the food off the pan. In the case of fish this can make for easier service. 3- The salt becomes part ...


I think we should just eat them when they come out or heat them back up in water. You can just put them back in the chip pan or boil at a flame under them.


When life throws lemons at you, make a lemonade!! I know this saying is intended in a different way, but what I am trying to start with here is, when you have got mashed potatoes on hand, go try all these yummy recipes which I am going to suggest here now. To start with, I am assuming that the mashed potatoes that we are talking here is made up of just ...


Vodka by definition is a flavorless distilled alcohol, retaining any of the organoleptic properties of the grain or potato could be considered as ruining the end product. Potatoes are a good source of starch, but brewers yeast has a limited ability to break down starch into usable fuel; its preferred fuel sources are relatively simple sugars like mono and ...


For one half of your problem: You can add a little bit of milk to dry mashed potato to make it moister, if it's too dry to use in a given application. The other half is a little more difficult, but instant mashed potato can be used to sort of "soak up" some of the moisture to make it drier.


Getting a good layer of starch on the outside of the potato will definitely up your crispness game by leaps and bounds, but focusing just on fat: While any fat will get stuff crisp in the oven, foods will stay crisp better and feel more crisp when using a saturated fat. Since saturated fats are solid at room temperature, they will be firmer as the food ...

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