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Actually did this last night while roasting a chicken, made some schmaltz from the fat I trimmed off the quarters, large diced them and coated them with the clarified chicken fat, S&P on hot cast iron and into the oven @ 375 with the chicken about 20 minutes before the chicken was done. Raised the temp to 475 and took the chicken out to rest. Raised the ...


When I have left-over boiled potatoes, I always freeze them and when I have enough frozen potatoes, I pour them (still frozen) into an oven-proof dish, sprinkle some olive oil over them, throw in a branch or 2 of fresh rosemary and put them into the cold oven and then set it to 150°C and let them heat up that way. (until the tip of a fork pushed into the ...


White diamond are great they are from South Dakota in the United States. They make a potato that has the perfect starch content for chips.

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