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You can get Charlotte or Desiree potatoes at Waitrose in the UK, both of which are waxy and will hold their structure well when cooked.


As a rule, potatoes that are colored (red, gold, blue) tend to be waxier than white potatoes (red being the waxiest), and fingerling potatoes are the waxier than other sizes. A more complete list can be found here.


Syneresis is likely the culprit here: the extraction or expulsion of a liquid from a gel, as when serum drains from a contracting clot of blood. Another example of syneresis is the collection of whey on the surface of yogurt. Syneresis can also be observed when the amount of diluent in a swollen polymer exceeds the solubility limit as the temperature ...


When you wash or soak cut potatoes, you are rinsing away a good deal of starch that has come to the surface during and after the cutting process (it's the white stuff that gets on your knife and fingers when cutting). In a potato curry, removing this starch by washing the cut pieces can result in a broth that's not as rich or thick, but I would try it both ...

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