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My guess of what happened was that the potatoes were sitting in an open pot that was not in a rolling boil. I'm going to assume that they went down from the pass and the place where "they took up [their] quarters" was at 11,000ft. This region was then, as it is today, almost destitute of vegetation. Darwin notes in the paragraph just before the ...


The temperature anything boils/cooks at changes with pressure With low pressure (high altitude) water boils at a lower temperature, and starch breaks down at a slightly lower temperature too, but probably not enough to make a huge difference Mr Darwin was a great and popular writer of the time, but not all his work is "scientific", there is lots of story ...


soak it water for 1 hour then blanch to pull some of the surface starches away rinse - they wont turn black


There is no one answer, as each manufacturer has different processes Most flavours are simple esters, acids, and salts that mimic the main flavour notes of the food being replicated. Some high quality chips will use actual freeze dried powders made from the actual food e.g. Ham powder = the good stuff is freeze dried and then powdered real ham, the other ...


I tried cold water with purple spuds just now. They came out creamy and yum and easy to mash.


Try this recipe. The chicken and onion can be added in Step 3, but I'm still unsure of what the use of potato bread would be, whether it would be mixed in the inside the filling, or as a component or replacement for the doughy outside.

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