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I make mine and then let it cool in the fridge with the lid off for a few hours. That usually lets the excess water evaporate off and lets the mayo/spices/veggies/pasta/tuna/whatever mix together and absorb with minimal mayo. After a few hours you can add more mayo if needed. Good Luck!


Osmosis is your friend here. If you have not mashed them yet, drain them, cover with fresh water, wait, repeat - until the salt level is acceptable. I think that would be difficult with a mash since you'd lose vegetable with each draining. You will probably need to do this in the refrigerator to allow sufficient time for the salt to diffuse out without ...


Basically dilution is the key, though a rinse and a short soak in fresh water will help a bit. You could freeze them in small quantities and use them up in vegetable soup a little at a time. Don't forget that commercial stock has quite a lot of salt in, so reduce that accordingly. Some thick stews could tolerate some mashed veg in them, again in fairly ...


When I was working as a cook, we did this to cook the potatoes enough so that we would have a better result after deep frying. Deep frying alone can make for a fry that is not always cooked through to the center. If you blanche, or par-boil, the potatoes ahead of time, some advantages are these. Frying goes more quickly, because the potatoes are partially ...


In addition to choosing younger, colored potatoes, your cooking method can have an effect. The pH of the water they are boiled in can change their texture - adding vinegar helps keep them firm, baking soda for mashing. This affects all types of potatoes, so a bit of vinegar will help regardless of variety.


Yes you can do this, but it will add some additional fat to your hash browns. Pour a tablespoon or two of peanut oil (or veg oil if you prefer) into your frying pan and heat it up. Lay your hash browns down into the pan, and check the bottom for desired doneness, anywhere from 2-5 minutes depending on the hash brown and the amount of heat you are using. ...

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