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Brush potatoes (already nearly cooked by boiling) with oil then put them in a preheated shallow dish which has been brushed with oil into the pre heated halogen oven and roast - brushing with oil from time to time using M&S Maris Piper potatoes produces fab roast potatoes using very little oil - I use rapeseed oil.


all you gotta do is put some grits in and call it a day. "mash potatoes and grits"


The raw starch in the potatoes has first to be gelatinized by boiling ,to expose the starch grains to the action of the Amylases (literally means enzyme that breaks down complex starch molecules into glucose). The yeast cannot digest the starch directly.The glucose so produced is broken down to ethanol(alcohol) and carbon dioxide. This is the same process ...


I have grown potatoes in my garden for years. In my experience, soft potatoes aren't necessarily bad, it merely means they will be bad soon. They should be used as quickly as possible. I read in several posts that green potatoes have gone bad. I'm not certain if they were speaking about a green mold or some other green substance that has appeared on the ...

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