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You'll have to test to see if this technique is faster for you or not. (I've never timed a comparison myself). It tends to work best with longer beans (but not 'yard long beans'), though: Grab a lot of beans, using two hands.** Drop the beans onto your work surface, and line them up. (pull out any that aren't well-aligned with the others, then drop back ...


Yoghurt is indeed used in some Indian curries. After preparing the curry paste just add yoghurt and stir. Stirring is important. Stir well till the yoghurt blends in with the curry paste into a smooth curry or it will separate. Yoghurt is not suitable for all curries in general. Add it if for a little sour flavour in the curry.


It depends on what you are cooking, yogurt is used as marinade for few barbeque dishes like tandoori chicken,paneer tikka and it's used in making curries in many dishes as Srilekha mentioned. Yogurt is added at the end and is cooked no more than 2-5 mins for the simple reason it seperates water when cooked on high tempreture and reduces it's sourness and ...


Yup, just checked the berry, hull is flavorful and grinds easy but the black center is pure shiny grit. Learned this the hard way after an otherwise great dish.


I buy outside skirt steaks for my restaurant and they are more flavorful, tender and expensive. They are more forgiving than inside skirts. If you over cook an inside skirt more than med rare it is leather. I have yet to find outside Skirt steaks in grocery stores. As of 6/29/15 21-28 day aged choice certified angus beef outside skirts are going for around ...


Fastest I've seen with minimal scraping and a little clever trick with a tea towel: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OnGKsjCiFOg I should apply this when I'm trimming those racks...

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