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My family does this with lasagne every year for Christmas. It works with most casseroles that are prepared in advance: Make the casserole in advance, then either chill (if night before) or freeze (if a week before). Place the cold dish in a cold oven, covered in aluminum foil, then turn it to medium-low heat (about 300°F/150°C). Heat until the center of ...


What I would do is in advance prepare the potato, eggplant and beef in the pan (fully cooked). Make your bechamel sauce. Assemble everything in the baking dish and put it in the fridge. When your guests arrive, put it in the oven for a bit longer than usual (as it is cold), perhaps on a lower temperature, or with some foil on top to prevent it from drying ...


I think your idea is a good one. You can cook the whole thing thoroughly through, but without the topping. Then when you are ready, cook it at a higher than normal temp so the topping can brown properly while the inside just needs to get warmed up to serving temp.


I use an 1.5" paint brush to clean mushrooms with. I actually have two, one with the bristles as bought, and another with the bristles cut about half the length. This provides a bit more "scrubbing" if needed. I also use an 1.5" paint brush when gathering 'shrooms, a quick brush after cutting (no ripping from the ground please), This get's the worst off ...

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