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It depends upon where you plan to fish. Communities that have a big fishing tradition will certainly have people that will do that. The bait shops near the fishing spot will know who to ask.


The reason subway has to "heat" the flatbread is to make it soft. If you want it toasted you get it with the meat and cheese toasted under a hotter setting that actually toasts it. When subway released the flatbread they understood some people don't want there sub toasted so in order to comply with this request they have the option of just heating the ...


Coincidentally, I saw this video a couple weeks ago that altered my world: you can make it in a cocktail shaker, using the spring from a bar strainer: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=P5t3hZfMQiU


This question is nearly unanswerable. Typical caffeine content data is given as a range based on the normal brewing factors of each method, there isn't data for abnormal methods i.e. french press with fine grind or espresso with coarse grind. Typical caffeine contents: 3oz Espresso double shot: 70-200mg 8oz drip: 60-100mg 6oz French Press: 80-100mg 6oz ...

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