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What worked for me a few times: Rinse, then just work with hands and vegetable completely underwater in a big casserole dish or mixing bowl for peeling and cutting to size... hold pieces with tongs to rinse afterwards...


Use a thick cut, cook to 138 and the second it hits 138, remove and cover for 5 min. It will hit roughly 143. Regardless of the method of cooking, the reason that pork is too dry 99% of the time is overcooking because people think it has to be cooked to 150.


I think the term you are looking for is accordion cut. It is the technique you describe, making slices not all the way through, leaving an end or side intact. It is most widely known for preparation of hasselback potatoes, but can also be used for meat and other items. Please see pics below of hasselback potatoes and meat. Other times that I have used ...

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