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There is no better way to reduce chocolate ratio but other alternative will just adjust the flavor, you may try cream cheese which will not alter the chocolate flavor that much compares to other alternatives . Next to cheese probably nuts. That will helps in the thickening .


Yes, it works without presoaking. You have to cook them for quite a long time until they become quickly translucent, the small ones will need about 30 minutes at a moderate boil. It is not optimal, as the outside will become mushier in this long cooking time, but there are people who don't mind the difference.


I like to just wet my hands with water and wipe off the dirt. That way the solvent properties of water help to clean it up more than a dry brush or towel would, and I'm not drenching it in water. I always buy them organic considering how close they are to dirt.


I dont like to clean mushrooms, however my favorite way to clean mushrooms if needed is to dunk them. Get a basket that can close on top. A quart sized berry container is perfect for this. Put the shrooms into the container. Snap it shut and dunk it in cold water 2, 3 or 4 times. No bruising or damaging of the mushroom cap is needed.

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