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No, you do not need to peel red potatoes before baking. As others have already said, good basic food hygiene washing and scrubbing plus removal of any eyes or sprouts suffices. I wonder if the emphasis is on red potatoes as opposed to white or black or other colours? I suppose your relative could have been concerned you would not recognise any green ...


In my experience, stems can be rather stringy even after cooking. Likely varies by time of year, age/size of leaves, soil type, cultivar etc. Best adivice is probably to check a few stems (raw, steamed, whatever) and see. I always cut stems off at the base of the leaf, and have yet to have a complaint about the stem bits within the leaves.


Outer skirt is much harder to find, and much of what's left in the US is sold to restaurant vendors, in particular, Hispanic restaurants that offer carne asada dishes. If you are able to grab it, it should be treated in the same way as inner, but has a much higher fat content. Outer would be the ribeye, inner would be a sirloin. I'm sure you can make your ...


Salsa in Mexico is normally used for calling a spicy hot dressing that you will put in the table so people can serve them selves and spread it over their dishes or inside their tacos. As we do it in the center of Mexico it must be very (spicy) hot, there are different kinds: fresh, cooked: boiled, grilled. The most common used fresh salsa is the Pico de ...

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