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Short answer: Yes, but make sure to eat the pastry before the cream cheese spoils.


A traditionally made jam is actually a preserve that has, by the copious amounts of sugar involved and often by natural acidity, some added resilience against spoilage compared to a random ingredient - the practically most encountered spoilage mode for jams is mold. A "diet" style jam that uses artificial sweeteners and no or little sugar could conceivably ...


Yep. No problem at all. This is standard practise for using up left over pastry: jam tarts. Just be careful to let the jam cool down before you bite into it. You don't want molten jam all over the roof of your mouth.


Should be safe to heat your jam. I have reheated jams over the stove but never in the oven and have not encountered any problems with it. It is always safe to reheat your jam. Reasons for reheating jams may vary, but be warned: "they may or may not form a gel again once they are re-heated, as over-cooking of pectin can reduce or destroy its ability to form ...


Sure it's safe, there's no risk in putting jam in baked goods. It says refrigerate after opening so it doesn't spoil after being left out too long - some people don't realize it needs to be refrigerated after opening because it is stored in the cupboard before opening. The important thing for food safety is to make sure that the pastries are eaten soon ...

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