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I've substituted butternut squash or sweet potatoes for pumpkin and my pumpkin pie was delicious. Sugar pumpkins aren't alwaysavaliable.


The pumpkin flavor you're likely looking for is nothing more than the spices that are added to pumpkin "stuff": cinnamon, nutmeg, cloves, etc. If you attempt to do an extract to achieve "pumpkin essence", you will not be happy with the results. I have been a home brewer (beer, wine, mead, etc.) for 20+ years and have seen many attempts from various brewers ...


Some pumpkins and other hard squashes will survive 3 months storage as they are, as long as you leave them intact. Optimum storage conditions are described on legions of gardening websites. This http://extension.oregonstate.edu/lane/sites/default/files/documents/ec1632.pdf extension office document suggests to "Cure squash and pumpkin for 10 days at ...


After you pureed the pumpkin you need to cook it down in a pan to concentrate the flavor and evaporate excess liquid.

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