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Call the company directly and ask. I do that with all my foods (I live without a refeigerator). I met people who never refrigerate mayonaisse and lived to tell. Turns out you don't need to if you don't introduce any other food particles into it! Now I never refrigerate mayo, or many other foods and condiments. So it pays to call the company and insist on the ...


I have used bacon grease my whole life. I keep it in a pickle jar that has been washed well. I let the grease cool about ten mins then put a funnel lined with a coffee filter in the jar and for it in and top with the lid. I never put it in the frig. Sometimes its weeks before I use it again and I have never had a problem. Neither did my mom or grandma.


If you are worried about the freshness of the cookie dough, why not just place the dry ingredients layered into a mason jar with a card on the side with instructions on what wet ingredients to add and how to complete the recipe. That way, you have a cute presentation, and you won't have to worry about when they are going to make the cookies.

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