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I can't tell from your question whether you are asking what temperature you should set your refrigerator to or asking how you go about setting it to a different temperature. The answer that Grey Dog provided is correct concerning the target temperature. In case you were actually asking HOW to change the settings, let me add this - if your dial has numbers ...


First, figure out the temperature that you want to run the fridge at (35-38F is standard). Then, buy a refrigerator temperature gauge. Work the dial up or down accordingly until it's where you need it. The dial can even have worn off numbers, and this method will still work.


I'm surprised you're getting that much stuff on half a shelf, so unless the fridge is enormous with very wide shelves, I can only assume you're stacking it up, which isn't how food should be kept in a refrigerator. For one thing, raw meats should be stored at the bottom of the fridge so that they don't drip or contaminate cooked foods or food that will be ...


I don't think I fully understand the question ? IMO, food need "personal" space in a fridge. You do not want to constantly have to move stuff in and out to be able to take something out of the fridge; and you do not want to stack up stuff just for the sake of saving space. You will also have leftovers that will take more space than the raw ingredients. ...

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