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I'm going to say no. We chill food in the freezer or refrigerator to slow bacterial growth. In general, the refrigerator will slow the growth enough that cooked meat can be kept safely for 3-5 days, and the freezer enough that cooked meat can be stored for 2-3 months. If you've already kept the meat in the fridge for a week, it is already unsafe to eat. ...


Some, but not all. Freezing may kill some of the present forms of bacteria. But for the most part, bacteria may simply freeze the growth state and then continue to grow once food has been thawed. A perfect and well known example of bacteria that cannot be killed through freezing is Salmonella. The bacteria in your food belong to two criteria - a) the ...


*If you put your hot sauce in the fridge it will ruin it by killing the culture that makes the hot sauce.......It will turn to a very thin liquid and it will be no good *


When I was in the navy, we used to store peeled and cut potatoes in a big plastic bin covered in water. They would be fine for a day or two. In a home setting, I think putting them in a covered bowl with (unsalted) water overnight would probably work fine.


Most of the answers suggest that it's the eggs you need to worry about. There's no need to look for vegan replacements, just use powdered eggs (and remember to add the extra water). The eggs are already cooked, so now the only real concern is the dough drying out or the leavening losing its potency over time. My family almost always replaces raw eggs in ...

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