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as long as you stack the layers and don't ball them up, the strata of flour and butter won't be compromised. it will still puff. you can roll out the irregular pieces and cut them into strips for cheese or cinnamon sticks. or make irregular palm leaves, sprinkled liberally with sugar.


Foolproof method of storing onions in the fridge without the smell permeating inside and also into the container which it is stored is....To store it in a glass bottle with a tight lid like a jam bottle.


Yes. Storing them under cool temperatures works well.


Two Reasons: 1.) The faster the food drops below the 'Danger Zone' the less spoilage it will have If it takes that freshly-cut steak 2 hours to cool down from cow-body-temperature to a safe 40F, that's more spoilage and less shelf-life for the product. A rapid chill-down means a more valuable product. 2.) Ice-crystals damage food, and the faster water ...

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