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The question actually brings up two separate issues: (1) When did the U.S. "start refrigerating eggs on a regular basis," i.e., when did the process of refrigeration become a common practice with eggs? Answer: late 1800s (2) When did refrigerated eggs "become the norm," i.e., when did American consumers expect eggs to be always (or almost always) ...


After a couple of hours it will be unsafe if it was below 140 °F/60 °C during that time. Even if you resealed it, it wouldn't "undo" the bacterial growth that occurred during the time it was unsealed. So, no, it would not be safe to do this even if you could.


I have had a bottle of Rose's Grenadine syrup in my cabinet opened for probably 3 and a half or better years now just used it last night to make sunsets and sunrises, tasted great and I nor any of my guest got sick, well except the one's that drank a few to many. I can't claim for any others but I'm gonna finish the bottle tonight with my girl. Have a great ...


The moisture in the fridge allows rust to start forming

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