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This is not likely a botulism risk. It should be safe to eat assuming the following: Refrigerator is functioning properly and keeps food below 40 F. Food was not previously sitting out longer than two hours at room temperature. The USDA provides a useful guide on Refrigeration and Food Safety. This section is pertinent to you: There are two ...


They dont know! Im eating mine now on Thursday that I made last sunday, Im sure its good for a minimum of a week, it has never killed me yet


Assuming it's a proper removable (some old ones weren't) inner crock pot you could (as in your other answer). BUT That pot will take a long time to warm up when you put it in and turn it on. I would suggest assembling all the ingredients in another container (which may also fit better in the fridge) and turning them out in to the (ideally preheated) crock ...


I see absolutely no possible reason for not doing it the night before :-) if anything it might taste better.


Just want to report that I've since opened all my meats and put them in the refrigerator. They are stored as follows: stuck to butcher paper and plastic as packaged by the deli, then placed inside their original plastic sleeves, then all together wrapped loosely in butcher paper, and then finally placed inside a large zip-lock bag and compressed to let as ...


Mortadella does need to be refrigerated. As for the proscuitto ... if it's real cured ham (and not the fake 'cured' stuff you get in the US) and was trimmed with a clean knife and wasn't otherwise contaminated when being cut, and it's not the middle of the summer where you are, it's likely fine being stored in a cool area of your kitchen. Mind you, the US ...

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