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Just to add another element to Jefromi's excellent answer, have a look at the table on page 16 of this source. (It's from the same website that one of Jefromi's sources comes from, which is a great resource for food safety information in general, with documents mostly written by an expert with numerous citations to the food safety literature.) Anyhow, that ...


As a starting point, I found this article, which says: The suggested temperature specification for refrigeration of foods has been revisited from time to time as knowledge and technology have advanced. Initially 7°C (45°F) was considered the optimal temperature; however, technological improvements have made it economical to have domestic refrigeration ...


As sushi rice is marinated it can not be kept for more than few hours regardless of refrigerator. Japanese do not keep sushi rice, and even supermarket sushi has about 4 hours best before.


Let me start with the answer-direction 1) For household purposes (your data), the difference between four and eight degrees is small; 2) That makes it likely that the differences are trivial as well. Any scenario: Germany started at eight, and kept it at that. France started at four. Holland followed france, because they made cheaper fridges etc etc. or ...


It works best if you use the tuna first and make a salad which you can store, but what I do and it works very well is to find a bowl that is almost exactly the right size for the amount of tuna, but still large enough for there to be just a touch less tuna than the bowl can hold. Then cover the tuna with plastic wrap and push the wrap down onto the tuna so ...


I think four hours out of the fridge is no problem at all. You can always isolate the lunchbox with a towel, to keep it cool, but given that there are millions of japanese that do exactly what you are planning to do, and given that they are alive and kicking, even that seems unnecesary..


At the very least, transfer to a food storage container (smallest possible) and cover...for more than a day or two, Ziploc bag, with as much air removed as possible (use water displacement method)...or vacuum seal.


If your primary motivation is food safety, then you shouldn't keep rice at room temperature for extended periods of time. There are some people who say that leftover rice shouldn't be kept at all, because there's a risk of Bacillus cereus multiplying between the time that you cooked the rice and got it chilled down. As such, you should cook your rice, cool ...

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