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Try Steaming it! Good luck ! or Fish Tacos with black beans, cheese, cilantro and salsa


Most coffee shop websites say not to reheat coffee. It is because when you brew the coffee, the water temperature is 205F. I always reheat my coffee for about 10sec -25sec. for a cup - heavy duty 20-25sec -light 10-15sec for a mug- 10-20sec.


There are a few things that you can do to improve how well pasta reheats, but it requires a little more work up-front. First off, the sauce (containing moisture or fat) will change how well the pasta reheats. One solution to this is to keep the two seperate. Pull the pasta when it's still al dente or a little bit before, rinse it to stop the cooking, mix ...


Put a wet paper towel over the bowl when you put it in the microwave. Works every time


To reheat left over rice, microwave is the best! Put a clean damp (wet but not runny) cloth or paper towel on top of your rice in a microwave safe dish and heat it for 2 minutes. Don't put a lid on top of the dish. Left over pasta is always gross, no matter how you reheat it. So stick with microwave. If you pasta is not super saucy, same method (with a damp ...


That's what a microwave is for! The easiest way to do your rice is to cook big batches of it at a time at home and then freeze it in Ziplocs in individual servings. Then just heat it up at lunchtime. Like this: Safe to wash rice the night before and leave overnight before cooking?. You can do the same thing with your chicken, just cook it in advance. If ...

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