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Steam the bread with a wet papertowel in the microwave, then simply toast it until hot. Came out like new for me, used a philly


You can't keep it creamy after refrigerating because the fats solidify. So this is all about reheating. It is the perfect use for a low temperature water bath (sous vide), though a pot of hot water could work just as well...as long as you monitor the temperature. Just store the leftovers in a ziplock bag. Heat water to 65C. Place bag in bath 45 min to ...


I hate to waste food and I always have too much liver. I use beef broth or bouillon so the liver does not dry out or get tough. To reheat: Slice up fresh onions if you don't have enough left over onion. Slice cooked liver on the diagonal into 1/2" thick strips. In saucepan, make up enough beef broth or bouillon to completely cover liver in pan (about 3 ...

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