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I prefer a travel coffee mug that has handles and an easy to clean lid that comes apart. Screw-on lids are a joke. I've had several and have found if you don't get them tight enough, they will leak and if you tighten them too much, they won't seal and will drip too. I had one that was ceramic for over 10 years but it broke one day when I accidentally ...


Having made this dish again recently and experimenting with it based on the comments here can report the following: A good creamy texture in the pot after the initial preparation will become a single hard lump in the fridge. Adding more milk before refrigeration will: Prevent it from solidifying Reheat (e.g. in a microwave) to a close enough texture to ...


Try the following Cake flour Potatoe starch Egg Water Salt Ice cold batter, and combine with your normal recipe. I used this to make crispy tempura when cold for various salads.


When I have left-over boiled potatoes, I always freeze them and when I have enough frozen potatoes, I pour them (still frozen) into an oven-proof dish, sprinkle some olive oil over them, throw in a branch or 2 of fresh rosemary and put them into the cold oven and then set it to 150°C and let them heat up that way. (until the tip of a fork pushed into the ...

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