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take the top off the sub, put the sub on some aluminum foil, turn your oven on broil, put your sub in the oven for like 3 minutes (just stay close by, you'll smell when it's done depending on how much stuff is on your sub), remove sub from oven, reconstruct, devour.


I would recommend separating the crackling from the meat and re-heating both separately. The meat can go into the oven (or the microwave), the crackling can go under the grill (aka broiler).


Try reheating it in the oven or a toaster oven; the dry heat should prevent things from getting chewy. The microwave often imparts undesirable texture changes in food when it heats things, so that's probably your issue more than the refrigeration; any condensation from the fridge should evaporate when exposed to dry heat. I'd toss it in at 350 and check on ...

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