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Instead of microwaving them, maybe you would have enough time to throw them under the broiler on a cookie sheet lined with parchment paper. It wouldn't take long and would be crispy and hot.


Frozen hash browns like that are already pretty much cooked. When you bake them, you're really just heating them up and crisping the outside. If you cook some then save them, they're going to lose a lot of that crispiness no matter what you do. If you eat them cold they'll be, well, cold. If you heat them in the microwave, they'll soften even more. If you ...


Depending where you live there are plenty of cheap PET recyclable cups? Cheap PP and PET cups are made by partially punching circles in a continuous sheet of raw plastic, and then these circles are heat punched into cup shapes. The vertical stress lines on PET (a harder material) will open up with hot liquids PET will also start to deform above 90°C. ...


I'd guess there are many factors. For instance, in manufacturing, small differences in raw material cost and process requirements can have a big impact. However, in this case, I'd say it comes down to temperature resistance: polyester (PET or PETE) does not do well at high temperatures, PP does. A reusable cup for microwave use is going to have hot ...

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