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I think the best solution is to avoid pre-mixing or pre-saucing anything. If you bring out a big bowl of pasta tossed (or topped) with sauce, the only way to get sauce is to eat pasta. Imagine instead you bring out: a big bowl of pasta, perhaps tossed with a little oil to keep it from sticking a bowl of brown rice marinara sauce alfredo sauce ...


wounder if there are other veggies I can mash to come up with something like mash potatoes but less starchy No, there isn't. Mashed potatoes don't have much aroma, and if they did, no substitute would have a potato-like aroma. What makes mashed potatoes be that way is the fact that they are made up with starch. For a really good mahsed potato dish, you ...


Spaghetti squash for the pasta.... see Replacement for pasta that is natural and fairly low carb For mashed potatoes, some people like mashed cauliflower. You can find many recipes by googling ,


You can buy prepackaged low-carb pasta (or gluten free pasta) if you want to make a quick dish. For a healthier option, you can make zucchini noodles. All you need for this is a lot of zucchini and a mandolin or spiral slicer. "Zoodles" are so easy to make and delicious with pasta sauce and fresh cheese! I make these a lot and oftentimes add caramelized ...


I agree with the above. I'm diabetic and cook normal meals for guests. I generally stay away from white sugar, flour, and rice. You can make nearly anything and avoid those three things. I'm sure your diabetic guest knows how to limit his/her carbs.

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