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I was in the same situation when I first started cooking egg foo young back years ago. I just couldn't figure out what was missing and I tried dozens of suggestions with no success. Guess what it turned out to be? SALT! It seasons the eggs properly and leaves a clean, not overpowering, flavor. Make sure that each of your ingredients has a good flavor ...


You didn't mention oil, are you frying your dish in a couple of tablespoons of cooking oil. Toasting the rice adds flavour. We add pepper to the rice, and usually use a lighter soy sauce (Kikkoman). We finish with a small amount of sesame oil or a bit of melted butter. For variation, add cooked bacon, and cooked onion.


Maybe it's just a Hubei/Sichuan/Yunnan thing, but almost nothing goes in our wok without a few chunks of ginger


Oyster sauce. Just a small amount will do wonders.


I might suggest that one thing that most home cooks are missing in comparison to a restaurant is heat. You aren't going to get the same results as a restaurant without the blazing wok that a restaurant uses. You can get closer by letting your wok get blazing hot before adding oil and quickly cooking small quantities of food at a time. Alternatively, if you ...


For me it isn't fried rice without toasted sesame oil, and the fried rice I have had in restaurants always tastes to me as if it contains toasted sesame oil. Peas are pretty required too. BTW, La Choy is synthetic soy sauce, it was at the very bottom of the America's Test Kitchen taste testing of soy sauce (sorry, paywalled), the only soy sauce to get a "not ...

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