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I actually asked El Toro once about their recipe, and they said it starts with White American cheese, which I could never find until recently. I bought some, and melted it in the microwave with jalapenos. It is delicious and has that wonderful flavor. Just not the right consistency. I'm working on it though. Tried it with a little added water tonight, ...


I have experimented with baking soda. This works rather well, however it does leave a taste/sensation of its own. Although I didn't put much I will try to use less the next time. Nonetheless, I am submitting this as an answer. I will try to get my hands on tricalcium phosphate -- if I can -- and report back.


In Indonesia (and I assume neighbouring countries too) they simply adjust coconut milk (they call it santen) to the level of coconuttiness they want. So: Soak coconut shavings/scrapings in hot water and squeeze and filter it through a muslin (santen asli/murni). You want less coconutty? Soak the previously soaked & squeezed coconut shavings/scrapings ...


I am Mexican American. I've been making these my whole life. I started by watching my mom who is Mexican. First, if you want them to be authentic by definition, don't ever use any modern ingredients such as spray oil. It does make a big difference and also makes them modernized or Americanized and that is not authentic. Use lard or vegetable oil in a pan to ...

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