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Freeze them already vacuumed in the sous-vide bags and thaw them in the sous-vide-tank. Just add some time to your usual time (i don't have values at hand).


Temperature is not a good indicator doneness with any meat that has a lot of connective tissue. Tough meat is tough because there is lots of connective tissue to transfer the force exerted by the muscle to the bones. Connective tissue breaks down in the presence of heat and moisture over time. When you cook ribs or beef shin or any other tough cut of meat ...


The temperature you are reading is heavily flawed. There is no way your probe's reading will not be heavily biased by proximity to bone, and the relative thinness of the meat. Regardless of all that, barbecue is done when it is done. When cooking meats whose connective tissue needs to be broken down, the final temperature will be well beyond food safety ...

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