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Go with them the way they are - you sometimes have to live with your ingredients. I'd slice them, then brown on both sides and the top - should be fine.


Different cuts of ribs have different degrees of curve to them. In my experience, baby back ribs are the most curved, and St. Louis cut spareribs are the flatest (although that is a relative term). This page has a chart showing where the different cuts of ribs come from in the rib cage in case you're interested. I wouldn't try to flatten the ribs; I can't ...


I par boil, cause it is easy and the wife LOVES it! However, there is no doubt that smoking produces the most tasty ribs.... Smoking requires a bit of equipment and a lot of time...wish I had both.. my 0.02


As long as the ribs reach a 160 temp it will work depending on whether your oven is gas propane or electric the warm settings all differ but most are slightly under the 200 mark with some being as low as 125 and others 150 or 175 or even higher... look in your ovens owners manual for more information.

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