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Well, by far the "lowest and slowest" technique out there is sous vide. (Basically, cooking in a precisely controlled temperature water bath.) The typical way to do this involves three steps: Marinate, rub, and/or smoke your meat (optional). Smoking is often preferred since the meat won't go on a grill for a long time, and it helps get that rich flavor ...


You certainly can and my Uncle does it all the time. He stays in the mountains riding horses all summer and when I come up, we'll do ribs at least once, because I like them so well. The way he prepares them is to buy them in bulk at the Sam's Club. He'll split the racks in half and freeze them individually. He'll defrost a half-rack per person to make ...


Personally I cook my ribs in a pot covered with a homemade sauce to my liking then I fill the pot with the sauce and slow cook with tin foil over the top at 160 for 8 hours it melts off the bone lovely

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