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I would not use a regular pan on a wood fire bbq grill (even on a stone). You can use a cast iron dutch oven (or maybe a Japanese cast iron rice cooker). After that, you will need to keep control of the heat your grill generates at it can get really hot in a dutch oven. Nice grill btw.


If you are burning your rice on method 1 you either have too little water in it, cooked it too long, or have it on too high a heat. Assuming you are using white rice the general rule of thumb is to use double the volume of water as you do rice, so 2 cups of water for 1 cup rice. You then cover and bring it to a boil and then turn it down as low as you can ...


Method 2 is simply cooking rice the same way you would cook pasta, cook with rolling water until tender then strain (and rinse if needed); It will make for rice with separated grains; some people like that over rice prepared with method 1. I don't think rinsing off the starch will change much in regards to nutritional values of the rice. If you have ...


The biggest mistake I see when people make risotto is they add way too much liquid. If you add too much liquid most of it evaporates than gets absorbed by the grain. While risotto is a "cook it until it's done" recipe as @Joe stated, there are some "rules": 1/2 cup of stock per session and never stop stirring At about the 20 minute mark, with Arborio, it ...

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