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One of the best things to ever happen was when the USDA finally lowered its recommended internal temp for pork chops and roasts to to a minimum of 145F. YAY! That's medium rare! So it's really unnecessary to do a low, slow and moist method for a lean cut like the sirloin. Save your crock-pot for cuts like the shoulder, which will benefit much more from long, ...


I cooked a 3.5 seasoned pork sirloin for a little over an hour in a 425 degree oven. Covered it with foil the first 15 minutes, then uncovered for the rest. It got rave reviews, yet so easy. Pared it with corn, baked potato and homemade garlic bread. Super easy and super good.


It won't make a huge difference, and excellent chefs disagree on the subject (assuming you're only thinking of leaving the meat out for an hour or so, which actually wouldn't bring it to room temp, just slightly warmer than fridge temp). If you are serving people who prefer different levels of doneness, you can take the cold roast from the fridge and put it ...


Use a Dutch oven. Though this obviously assumes you own a Dutch oven or have access to one, there are still two additional things you'll need if you hope to succeed with burritos. The first is a good oven thermometer. The other is plenty of aluminum foil. You'll want to raise the interior temperature of the Dutch oven to whatever is required of the ...


You could put a BBQ grill over one of the hobs (raised up if possible), then cook it over the "open fire". Frequent rotation and quite a bit of time may be needed to cook it suitably. I have a fire pit and a grill when cooking outside over it - normally with God children round.

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