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It's not a big no-no, but it's a small no-no. Brining is not likely to make your turkey much more flavorful (at least not in a positive way), because it has most likely already been brined. We can be sure if you post label info. Additional brining is likely to make it over salty. Butterball brand is of this type, brining will do nothing but make it saltier. ...


Chances are most likely that it will be just fine. I suspect the brine process will "wash away" a lot of the butter stuff. I've worked in a meat shop before and the only concern I've ever heard expressed about them is dairy allergy, so do keep that in mind. Otherwise, I would (and have) just cook them as you are used to.


All of the above AND because high temperature will kill any tapeworm eggs present on the skin.


For that many guests on a budget, you will need a leg of lamb (Tesco has a whole leg, suitable for 8-10 guests, for £25 - likely more at a Halal butcher, but not in break-the-bank territory) While a crock-pot might not be large enough, an inexpensive electric roasting pan should be, and ideal for the "low and slow" braising or roasting techniques that joint ...


As far as I've always believed there is 3 reasons for it. I. Theory the high temperature shocks the skin helping the skin crisp up if you've ever put a chip in cold oil you'll notice it takes far longer to crisp up than one dropped into the same oil but once hot. Or a better description is probably ... Have you ever put a poppadum into cold oil? Notice how ...


As was suggested in one of the comments by 'It Grunt', you can soak them in water for a few hours before the roast. Place a metal plate or barbecue grid above the fire (preferably charcoal fire - without too much flames especially if you use a grid.) And warm it up. While it is being warmed, make a puncture or a incision on every chestnut before placing ...

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