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There isn't an especially right or wrong answer on this, there's benefits to both approaches. When I did the research to write the roasting planner for my meat app I found that there is a notable difference in cooking time when you leave the chicken out for 45 minutes to an hour ahead of time, the chicken left out cooks faster. I can't remember exactly the ...


One is pointless, and the other is very specific. Keller's approach - bringing the chicken out of the fridge 45 minutes before - is pointless, because there's no way in hell any significant proportion of a chicken is going to get from fridge-cold to room temperature in 45 minutes, or any other time that still allows it to be safe to eat. Point 1 in this ...


Depending on which manufacturer they may have differences in operation. It would be best to check that manufacturer's website for a explanation, or the instruction manual. example 3 page guide You should find a wealth of information by searching "Oven Settings Explained"

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