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This is definitely a rapa whelk. These are indigenous to the seas in the far East, but got somehow imported into the Black Sea and overtook the ecosystem. First, people around the Black sea didn't have much use for them. The waves washed the shells of dead whelks ashore and these got crafted into souvenirs for tourists. Then, people started fishing them ...


They look like a species of whelk, which is a catch-all term for sea-snails. See the Wikipedia article here.


Judging from search results and the handy firefox babelfish addon, the peasant (or country-style) omelette seems to be, as you suspected, one of those dishes where anything handy is thrown in. EDIT: the firefox addon is actually unnecessary as google provides an option on the search results page for translated versions of the search results.


This is really about water content, not flavor. Eggplant contains a lot of water, and there can be plenty left after baking or grilling. If you then make a mashed/pureed spread like this, that water could make it a lot more liquid than you want. That said, if you really thoroughly roast or grill the eggplant, you can get enough of the water out of it that ...


Your instinct is correct, all your favourites fall into one category of saussage: Brühwurst. This means that they follow the same principle when made, which is Mincing the raw meat and fat with ice or ice water, salt, often curing salt and various spices until a smooth paste forms. This is what you refer to as "pinkish mass". Shaping the saussages (or ...


Draining the water also helps getting rid of a somewhat bitter taste eggplants may have, especially if they are overripe. If you start with a fresh, young eggplant which is relatively light to its size (that's the best way to pick eggplants), then there's no need to bother with draining. The heavier eggplants may need draining, depending on their type and ...


It's a conch, the common name for an edible marine snail. Not an oyster for sure. :)

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