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Your existing solution is the best I know of. It preserve the vegetables (or fruit) for a long time. 2 weeks are impossible at room temperature. You also get them frozen at the time of making the smoothie. Assuming that you want a cool smoothie, starting with half the mass frozen is very beneficial, because the blender heats the ingredients while ...


The party line from Still Tasty is to: Cut out the stems, wash, and blanche for about 2 minutes Dry Store in freezer bags with as little air as possible They indicate you will get about a year of storage from this method. That being said, the method you propose is well known for herbs, and kale is certainly much heartier than an herb. It should work ...


I found this on http://www.dgsgardening.btinternet.co.uk/freefood.htm Ground-elder Aegopodium podagraria all parts edible young leaves in salads or cooked as a spinach, roots dried and ground into a flour. Jeannet


I find celeriac loves coriander -seed and especially root. White pepper, horseradish or perhaps mustard oil or powder can be added by a smidge for a hint of warmth. This is still a mild side-dish, ya for something else flavorful on the plate? I love serving pumpkin at the same meal 'cause they bring out the best in each other... IMHO.

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