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I would just like to say that you can't decide on edibility based on the plant family. For example, both potatoes, tomatoes and deadly nightshade belong to the same family. However, chia leaves can be used for herbal tea, which means they could probably also be eaten safely.


The other answers seem to focus on the cross-contamination issue, with the raw beef being unsafe. Let me point out that beef cuts are often served rare, as it is in your illustration of the dish, and that is considered fine. So I really don't think there is much of an issue here. (Raw ground meat, from a factory setting, and undercooked pork are far more ...


What you're looking at is called (in the US) "cross contamination". You have a food generally considered "unsafe" (beef) that is coming into contact with a food generally considered "safe" (salad greens). This contact makes the greens "unsafe" to consume raw. Cross-contamination is the transfer of harmful bacteria to food from other foods, cutting ...


No, it's not safe to eat those greens without cooking, for exactly the same reason it's unsafe to eat the meat that's touching them without cooking it. If you have to cook the meat before eating to make it safe, you would have to cook anything it's touched to make it safe. Maybe it's not quite as risky as eating the meat, but it's still risky. They could ...


I think you would be fine. Are you worried the freezer bag will freeze the vinaigrette? There is not enough cold in a freezer bag to freeze it. And the freezing point of vinaigrette is lower than water. Pack it in the middle of clothes.

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