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I add a large, peeled potato or several peeled carrots to the soup or stock as it cools. Cooking the desalinating root vegetable interferes with the osmotic process. As the salty soup cools, the starchy root vegetable(s) absorb the excess salt. This is not a quick fix and requires several hours or overnight refrigeration. Remove the root vegetable(s) and ...


As a calf ages and matures into a cow, the structure, texture, and taste of the meat changes. Veal will naturally have a milder flavor and finer texture than beef. The younger the calf, the less developed and dense the muscle structure will be. The less dense the muscle structure is, the more the flavor will penetrate the meat. So, even in the same ...


Osmosis is your friend here. If you have not mashed them yet, drain them, cover with fresh water, wait, repeat - until the salt level is acceptable. I think that would be difficult with a mash since you'd lose vegetable with each draining. You will probably need to do this in the refrigerator to allow sufficient time for the salt to diffuse out without ...


Basically dilution is the key, though a rinse and a short soak in fresh water will help a bit. You could freeze them in small quantities and use them up in vegetable soup a little at a time. Don't forget that commercial stock has quite a lot of salt in, so reduce that accordingly. Some thick stews could tolerate some mashed veg in them, again in fairly ...


I believe salt cuts the gluten in the flour and makes it more supple and less elastic, especially when baking breads.


All salted meet should be rinsed and brought to simmer in using cold Water then rinse and start with cold water again to remove as much of the salt as possible, then add some spices and flavourings to disguise the saltiness e.g.small amount of vinegar lemon or lime or orange cut in half and added to liquid tbl spoon brown sugar or small amount of honey all ...


We can also use curd and lemon to substitute salt nothing to do just add lemon juice to curd. All done when you're eating food, eat this lemon curd with our food don't put salt in your food if make it without salt and will eat this lemon curd with your food in the place of salt you will not feel that in your food there is no salt.


According to the batch of sauerkraut I made yesterday, and this recipe 3/4ths of a Tablespoon per quart of grated cabbage is sufficient to ward off infection without making the end result overly salty.

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