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No, I do not cook my brined chicken with added salt. I always brine chicken overnight with maybe a bit more salt than is standard. The next day, I rinse and soak it briefly in clear water, then cook it without adding salt. It is always salty enough from the brine and very few people eating at my table ever add salt. From my taste buds, I believe chicken ...


I agree with @rumtscho that you should not need to salt after brining. However, I totally disagree with the accepted answer. There are simply too many reputable sources that say otherwise, not to mention my own experience. First, please see the accepted answer to this question which is from Cook's Illustrated. Secondly, this article from Stella ...


Myth busters beware, are you ready? Go! No brining nor seasoning will make your chicken too salty. 5%, 7%, 10%, The only sodium saturating process known to men is the injection, the needle injection, the so called "added solution". If you're only brining, you're miles away from needle injection consequences, yet another misunderstood process. Brining is ...


I thought it might have had something to do with making your stomach right. Baking soda is used in water to put out the fire from time to time and it is a sodium base. Maybe people did it when they had hot pipes.

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