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I am not sure there is an ideal concentration. There is a range. Beyond that, it is personal preference. Sandor Katz, in "The Art of Fermentation" suggests a 5% solution. That's about 3TBS per Liter, so, slightly lower concentration than yours. He also references a suggestion for "half-sours" at 3.5%. So you may want to make an adjustment. Though not ...


a stew or soup can be fixed by adding a halved potato into it and simmering for as long as it takes for the potato to cook. Carefully remove the potato with a slotted spoon afterwards.


Stock solutions and eye droppers work for this. a solution at 25 grams salt in 100 ml water (well within solubility limits) Will give you 0.25 gram salt or about 0.1 gram sodium (salt is 39% sodium). Every standard eye dropper I've ever tested yielded remarkably close to 1 ml per squeeze. A teaspoon of the liquid would deliver about 0.5 gram sodium, while a ...


You may need to practice sprinkling salt -- Get a large piece of paper or plastic, that's preferably not white. Sprinkle some salt on it. Try from different heights. You might also try different types of salt (I find coarser salts easier to control) Roll up the paper (or plastic), so you can pour the salt back into a small dish to try again. Once ...

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