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Salt is an unnecessary ingredient in pretty much every recipe. Make recipes with and without it and you'll notice virtually no difference, at all.


Salt adds flavor and causes chemical changes in food. The sooner you add salt more time salt has to penetrate the food and the longer the chemical changes have to work. Whether that's desirable or not depends on the effect you want. Here are a few examples: When boiling potatoes if you add salt at the beginning of cooking the salt flavor will get through ...


Salt is sometimes used to modify how moisture is drawn from aromatics while they are being sauteed, taking advantage of the fact that salt "wants" to be dissolved in water but is insoluble in oil, eg adding salt upfront to get onions to brown more quickly.


Salt is very soluble in water, and during the cooking process will tend to diffuse within the liquids of the food and permeate inside. Having a salty flavor throughout the food I find tends to help curb salt usage. A good example is pasta, where if you add salt you can achieve a salty taste for the pasta and largely decrease salt you add at the table. My ...

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