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It's not just saltiness, but various taste sensitivities that are impacted by pepper. Basically, piperine (the component in black pepper which causes its pungency) and capsaicin (the "hot" chemical in hot peppers) cause mild irritation and inflammation in the mouth when consumed. That inflammation leads to additional sensitivity of taste receptors. ...


Just as cuisine is thought of in terms of sweet and savory, so too our taste receptors are subdivided into two main categories. When you taste pepper you're activating the bitter class of taste receptors responsible also for tasting salt. So it's not that the pepper brought out salt in the dish that was not already there. It's that the pepper brought out ...


Is it possible that you are confusing salty with umami? I could see pepper (and other spices) adding umami, but I don't see how it is possible to add saltiness.


small knob of butter drip of rapeseed oil - salt to taste, rosemary and a splash of soy sauce in a pan - toss until warmed through and coated - under the grill to set the flavour in. delicious.

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