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You say "toasted" in your title but there are various ways to achieve this, different ines dominating in different countries. If you have a slot toaster (common in the UK, much less so in the rest of Europe, and apparently common in the US/Canada) there are toastabags (although this link is lakeland, they're on e.g. amazon as well). These are reusable bags ...


The bread gets crispy and "stiff" because it dries up completely. A good toaster should toast a slice of bread quickly so that the exterior is toasted and the interior barely hot; a bad toaster will not be warm enough and will dry up the slice of bread. Same thing when you do an oven baked sandwich, it should be done on high heat so that the bread toasts ...


Wrap the sandwich in foil before baking so the moisture stays in the bread. That will prevent it crisping up.

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