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Cream cheese sandwiches are tasty, when prepared properly, but you cannot grill them the way you grill grilled (hard) cheese. But you don't need it to melt - it's already nice and malleable, and has the oil in a soft enough state that it hits your tastebuds properly. Some good options for cream cheese sandwiches (or any similar soft cheese, really): ...


That sounds... unpleasant. Cream cheese will melt, yes, but it won't melt in the same way as cheddar. It has more moisture and a very different structure. Where cheddar will retain some structure and a "stretchy" texture, cream cheese will just flow more freely. Layered between bread, it would probably just squirt out of the sides of the sandwich when you ...


No. Cream cheese will simply go runny if you melt it. It is in no way a substitute for a hard cheese.


Top round with tallow to lubricate the griddle. Using ribeye for this application is a waste of a pricey cut, but the extra fat is 100% required.


smoked Havarti and marbled cheddar are great for grilled cheese sandwiches


I would personally wait with assembling it until right before eating. Put the bread in a bag, the sliced chicken in a bag, and find a small container to keep the pesto in. Then you can assemble and heat on "grill" for a minute or so when you're ready to eat it. That should prevent any sogginess.

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