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What you are looking for is pretty common and can be bought in most markets in the kitchen section. Or ordered online by search "olive oil bottles". They look like this:


I did a cheap kitchen hack by reusing an empty Sriracha bottle after cleaning and drying it up for my oil drops. Here is how the bottle looks: And it is perfect for dropping oil. The nozzle also lets me increase or decrease the diameter of the oil drop. If you don't happen to like this sauce, try it with some Asian food. You'll love it mostly!!!


Plastic squeeze bottles come in a variety of sizes, offer a bit more control and are very inexpensive. Just make sure to get one that is food grade.


It doesn't do anything, it's your second suggestion. The feeling of "right/wrong" and "like/dislike" is highly correlated with familiarity. This is proven not only by psychometry, but even physiologically, with fMRI scans. People like most whatever they are familiar with, up to the point that unfamiliar things seem wrong. This applies not only to bay ...


Yes, I think you should peel tomatoes, but I have a thing about tomato skins. In my opinion, you should either peel them or use a food mill to weed out the skins. If they don't bother you or your guests, it's an unnecessary step. Even if the tomatoes are diced, some of the tomato skin will separate from the meat of the tomatoes and make a paper-like curl in ...


It is unnecessary, however some people don't like the skins. They tend to curl up into tube sticks that don't chew very well and can hurt if you chew one accidentally and you have a sensitive tooth or gum disease. Peeling it very easy. Score an x at the bottom of each tomatoe and blanch. The skin will curl back and leave you with a whole but peeled tomato. ...


We cook down our tomatoes with skins on and then about half way through we strain the juice out to get rid of skins and seeds. Once we do that it goes back in the pot with our spices until it's reduced enough for our liking. We prefer smooth sauces.


Another option for oils is a mister. That allows you to spray a bit of oil across all of the food - or spray it on the pan for cooking. There are a lot of different kinds of misters (as well as just 'sprayers' more like what you'd use to spray water on a plant or similar; the "misters" mostly work by pumping to pressurize).


Unless specified, I would assume before cored and peeled. And in general for any ingredient, unless explicitly specified: Raw, as bought in the store, before cleaning and/or preparation. It makes assembling a shopping list easier, it makes buying easier, it makes writing a recipe easier, and it makes cooking a recipe easier.


Heinz and some other companies sell a product that they call 'chili sauce', which might be what you're looking for. It's a tomato-based sauce, with some spices and seasoning, but it's not particularly spicy. If you have access to Dutch & German ingredients, you might replace it with one of the thicker shashlik sauces (aka 'curry ketchup'). If you have ...


I found out that by removing half a cup of water, the sauce is thick enough.


Mio bottles would be quite handy. I've used them for cooking oil when I need a small amount for camping trips. relevant reddit discussion on the safety of reusing the bottles


I've never used bay leaves for a tomato sauce so I'm not sure but, for example, basil reduces the acidity of the tomato. It is possible that bay leaves have a similar effect.

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