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Mint likes oil. And it likes water. And it likes alcohol. Like most complex flavors, mint is complicated. The greener, vegetal notes are going to be from compounds like chlorophyll, and will be alcohol and very weakly water soluble. The astringent, sharper notes are going to from compounds like menthol, which are oil soluble. In general, the faster ...


It depends on what you mean by "tomato based mint sauce." The tomato sauce that is one of the classical French mother sauces contains ingredients that probably don't pair well with mint (bay, thyme, and pork come to mind). I assume that you intend your "sauce" to be more of a simple Italian tomato sauce or perhaps a salsa? I would definitely recommend ...


Depends on what you are planning to serve the sauce with, you could consider a mint jelly which is mildly sweetened and would not overwhelm the tomato flavor , it would save you from sweetening the tomatoe sauce. If you don't have that particular item right now , go with mint leaves directly into the sauce when it starts to simmer, leave it there for a ...


I would cook the sauce and toss in the mint at the last minute, right before you use the sauce. I don't think you want to heat/cook the mint, as it might result in too much of a vegetal note. Of course, more mint and/or more surface area (chopped) would produce more flavor...depends on your use of the sauce.

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