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The bananas will come out much better if you puree them in the blender.


There is no way to be certain, but I would blame the margarine. Margarine is not pure fat like an oil, nor a simple fat-water emulsion like butter. It is a rather unstable emulsion, and it uses all kinds of industrial tricks to achieve a smooth, soft, spreadable consistency. It is not just emulsified, it generally contains all kinds of gums too. This is ...


I cook my sauce for two days on and off it, always starts out watery and thickens with the simmer over that period. hope that helps


My mother use to cook her sauce for 2 to 3 days albiet not 24/7 and I still think it's better than any other sauce I've ever had. I suggest trying them and seeing what you prefer and think tastes better as that's what counts.


You could try passing it through a fine sieve, this is a common method for getting smooth sauces and so forth.


I think that the answer to whether to bother making your own hoisin sauce is to look at the nutrition labeling on the various brands available. If you are OK with the sodium, sugar etc content then I guess it may not make a difference.


There are a number or styles of soy sauces used in Japanese cuisine. Saishikomi shoyu is sometimes described as sweet compared to regular Koikuchi shoyu. Additionally there are soy-based sauces available in the US that have added ingredients such as corn syrup or MSG to enhance specific flavors. Kikkoman makes an "enhanced" soy sauce that they call ...

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