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Good Yorkshire pudding is not an art, it's a science. You need three things: Hot fat A hot oven Batter of the right consistency The only raising agent in Yorkshire Pudding is steam from the water in the liquid ingredients. You need to convert that water into steam fast to get a good rise, and you need the batter to crisp up quickly so it doesn't ...


Sweet refers to the sweet basil that is not in the mild


Thesaurus.com has an article on the name. Their explanation is that the long sausages got compared to dachshunds. With time, people started calling them "dogs" instead of "dachshunds". They don't list a source for the information, but I hope that, being language experts, they have fact-checked it.


Discard the contents of the pan in the trash. Wash the pan with hot water and soap. All will be well once you've done this. There is no reason to be concerned about which particular pathogens you tossed in the trash and washed down the drain. You can safely assume it was a few of all of them.


There is very little chance of bacteria with it being in the fridge. Yes, reheating the pan to a temperature over 175 will kill any bacteria that may exist.

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