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Boil or steam them using beer (for a traditional flavor combination) or water before grilling. Grill for flavor, not as the sole means of heating them. This is more about cooking faster (or more evenly, anyway) than slicing, though that step will also make them hold together better if sliced after boil/steam and before grilling. But if they are basically ...


Sausages taste really good if you slow down their cooking. Cooking on med-low, turning occasionally, may help with the burning. Grilling might make a decent alternative, too. That said, sausages are 25% lard. Using a low-calorie oil is difficult to justify in this case.


I have a jar of "Big John's" pickled sausages and right on the bottom it says "NEVER NEEDS REFRIGERATION"! They sit at stores and bars for for many days if not weeks and are sold by the sausage. I found this on Hannah's Facebook page. "They do not need to be refrigerated after opening in temperatures below 75 degrees. Recommended refrigeration for temps ...

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