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A pan in the fridge for ten days?! Bin the contents, wash the pan in hot soapy water, twice, and everythings dandy, believe me. If you're truly paranoid, fill the pan with water, and a splash of vinegar,boil for 10 mins, then rinse with hot soapy water,again. Vow to yourself never to do that again.


If you prick your sausages, you are in the wrong. It defeats the purpose of fat in there in the first place. If you prick them, they dry out. If the casings burst, you're cooking on too high a heat. Cook on a lower heat for an extended time, and the casings caramelise... oh mama! Do not season with salt or pepper before you cook them, the salt will draw ...


what DOUG says is correct.I used to be a chef,and I had to make our own Black Pudding,every fortnight.We used to get dried plasma mix in bulk,.I can see no reason why you could not get this exported to the USA,as it is totally non-volatile,or offensive in any way you care to think of... Get some in,and teach those yanks the joy of B.P !!!!


Salami is a generic name used for a product made of ground meat, seasoned and then cured (or smoked). There are countless variations of Salami (here in Italy for example, i think every region has more than one traditional Salami). They can differ from each other on the meat used, the granularity of the grinding process, spices, use of just air or smoke as a ...


Salami is meat. Pepperoni is dried meat.

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