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The discoloring isn't a problem: it's just the meat reacting with oxygen in the air. The same thing would happen, only more slowly, if you'd frozen the sausages. The problem is possible bacterial growth. By the time the bacteria levels become high enough to be visible, it's far past the point where the bacteria are dangerous. Further, many bacterial ...


The one on top was probably exposed to air and its surface dried out which darkened it. It's always better to be safe than sorry. I am a little more edgy and eat things others don't, but I have my limits of acceptable also. I wouldn't eat something a week old unless I was sure it was packed and stored properly.


Substitution in preserved foods are generally considered unsafe. Food chemistry is a complicated affair, and cooking is inherently imprecise. Sure, you can find a way to reduce the pH to that of the original recipe. But a salami is a fermented food. Your pH might be the same, but other things will change, for example the composition of the available sugars, ...


Assuming that they are uncooked, you can certainly simmer your brats in beer (don't let them boil, that will burst them). I'd try to get a hold of some Red Hook and use that. Simmer them gently until they are almost done, about 15 minutes. Simmering in beer will only intensify the beeriness of the brat. If you like beer, go for it. If you've got time, do one ...

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