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You need to use more oil, and fry at a higher temperature. The oil in your picture is not nearly enough to lubricate the sticky parts, and at the low temperature, the mushrooms are producing quite of bit of wet gunk. Also, you should be stirring (or jumping) them a lot, not leaving them to sweat alone.


Ah, One Pot Pasta.... As loads of bloggers, authors and cooks - possibly inspired by Martha Stewart and her team - have confirmed: dumping the pasta, sauce ingredients and a carefully meassured amount of liquid in one pot or pan will give you a "pasta and sauce" dish in ten to fifteen minutes. And it works. Sort of. Your instinct matches my experience: ...


Generally, browning meat is done at high heat, with a preheated pan well over 400°F, and will leave a bunch of tasty brown stuff (fond) stuck to the bottom of the pan. Vegetables contain a lot of water, which will dissolve the fond off the bottom of the pan, bringing its flavor in to the dish. If you did it in the other order, you'd have maybe have some ...


Meat first - adds some of the meat fat to the pan, and adds flavors from the meat to the pan, which carries them onto the vegetables. Other direction - veggies don't pick up meat flavor, oil or butter has to provide all the fat for the veggies to sauté in. Preferred - whatever you prefer, you're creating the recipe, or try it both ways and see what you ...

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