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Regarding, some stewing beef for stews, pies etc. An old lady told me when stewing beef add one tablespoon of malt vinegar into the stock you are going to prepare. You will never have tough beef again, she was so right. I'm 80 now, and I've never have chewy steak. It doesn't smell or taste, when the food is ready.


I agree with everything rumtscho said in her answer. I would add the "crowding" may be a little vague because the density of food in the pan may vary significantly depending on what the ingredients are. It's also worth noting that definitions of things like sauteing and sweating can vary a bit from person to person, and there are cooking techniques that ...


First, you don't crowd the pan when sauteing. If you do it, you are no longer sauteing, because your food doesn't come in contact with the surface frequently enough. You also can't really keep the separate pieces hopping, the best you could do would be to throw it around as a mass (like a pancake turning), which means they'll touch the pan with one side ...

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