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I worked at Waffle House, a chain that cooks thousands of eggs a year. and they made their eggs fluffy and light by using an iron skillet on high heat cooked fast. You make them lighter by adding either a bit of water or milk while whipping them....then cooking quickly.


I don't have a scientific backing to what I am going to say, but still I will try to make my point clear! Cooking eggs is more of an intuitive thing. The fast vs. slow thing comes more from your own rendezvous with it. Like in my house, when we say omelet, only my husband is allowed to put hands on it because he gets that perfect round thing without ...


The matter of time efficiency could be seen as that which determines the answer: The first thing that caught my attention about your description of the two camps is the language that you use (or quote?) for their outcomes. Both camps "keep the eggs tender". And then, of the eggs, the one camp manages to "puff them up" while the other suffices to "increase ...

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