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You cannot get rid of the lime flavor, it's there to stay. Your best course of action is to try and balance the strong lime flavor with sweet and savory flavors, for instance shredding the roast onto a bed of chicory/endive leaves with a soy-honey dressing.


You could easily spice the roast well and go for a lemon and herb flavour. The lightness of the citrus could work well with the heavy flavour of the spices.


I imagine that there are two reasons. One is that it appears nicer [than just serving on a plate] and thus helps justify the cost of the restaurant. And the second is that minimizing the surface area of the fries in contact with the air will keep them warmer for longer.


Presentation: It is traditional. It simply looks nice. Easier to share with others. Palatability: The fries won't get cold as quickly without direct contact with a colder plate. The orientation of the fries - standing upright - allows steam to escape rather than condensing on a plate or getting trapped and making them soggy. Oil, if there is any ...


The paper cone is a traditional single serve package shape for street vendors, so you can walk away with your chips (fries), and eat while walking. Many street vendors set up shop near parks and beaches (dunes) It is used in other countries too for a single serve, though many use a punnet (cone with point cut off), so it can sit on a park bench etc. For ...


In a traditional British chip shop, you would have got your chips (fries for Americans) in yesterday's newspaper, wrapped into a cone shape. These days of course, it's food grade greaseproof paper, but it's still in the same shape. I suspect the reason for serving chips in a cone is that simple tradition. Also, there may be thermal reasons, that it allows ...


Senbei (Japanese Rice Crackers) are made with already seasoned rice paste... However the glaze that makes Senbei attractive is added after the crackers are cooked... This may work for your rice cakes. The "glaze" is simply a combination of low salt soy, and honey which is then dried off in a hot oven after the crackers have been baked. Could you possibly ...


Thickness is actually easy to deal with (assuming you're trying to thicken it) : Take a potato, peal it, then grate it. Add the grated potato to the soup, and let it cook 'til it breaks down fully. ... or you could use instant potato flakes. For the blandness, if you have time, see an earlier question on the topic. If you need an immediate fix and ...


If too much water is the culprit, then its a simple matter of reducing the soup on the stove top. Just put it in a pot and boil it with the lid off(so the water escapes) until you reached a desired thickness and flavor.


I just started growing garlic, and I tried the greens. They are very good. Chive like, but, a bit more flavor and it definitely has a subtle garlic taste. I just keep cutting when I need them. I am assuming the bulb is not hampered in growth.

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