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Apply a really weak sheet magnet to the surface of the pan, like the ones that come attached to the phone book for hanging on your refrigerator. If it sticks, it's not an enameled surface. If it does not stick, there's a film of enamel there preventing it from doing so. Just be sure and test it first to make sure it sticks to the frig.


After seeing the pictures, I'm almost sure this is naked cast iron. "Almost", because I haven't seen the satin enamel after use, only on new pans. But when it's new, it's glossy like seasoning, not dull like what your pictures show. For a confirmation, you can try to rust a small spot. Take a drop of acid - maybe essence of vinegar, or descaling agent - ...


Enamel is a ceramic coating applied to the metal - it will typically be colorful and glossy-smooth to the touch. Raw cast iron will be black and matte in appearance, the unseasoned surfaces rough to the touch, the seasoned cooking surface will be smooth and a tiny bit greasy. Complicating things is the "black satin" enamel some manufacturers (including Le ...


We're going to do all of our analysis on the back side, so we don't mess up any cooking surface: if it's rusted : not enameled (or possibly damaged enamel) if it's greasy, clean w/ hot soapy water and a scrubbing pad, just in the middle of the pan. if it's any color other than black, brown, bare metal or orange-brown : enameled look for a model number, ...

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