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Absolutely not A non-stick pans surface will be ruined when any oil becomes polymerised onto it. The whole idea of a non-stick pan is that it's surface is non-stick to food. Permanently layering it with anything else will make it less non-stick Only use non-stick pans for low to medium heat cooking, and use no, or very little oil in them. Be very gentle ...


Yes, cooking a salty meatball in a low sodium sauce will reduce the saltiness a bit as some of the salt will be cooked out, however the effect won't be that much. If you want to try it keep in mind that canned tomatoes have a fair amount of salt added (it helps preserve them), so you'd be best off making a fresh tomato sauce.


The easiest way to make the taste of the meatball less salty is to make the tomato sauce a bit sweeter than you normally want it. Another option is the make the sauce a bit spicy. Both sweet and spiciness will lowers your tongues perception of saltiness. Note that it will not make the meatballs noticeably less salty themselves. This only hides the ...

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