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Here's a quick and easy way where you only your teeth and your nails. The tip of the sunflower seed shell has a little bit an edge, so I bite that off and then I crack open the cut that I made with my teeth with my nails.


Your assumptions and "hierarchy" are incorrect. "Seed" is the most basic term, the other terms are characterizations of seeds. However, the use of any given term in a culinary settings may have little to do with the term's strict botanical definition. For culinary purposes there are no definite rules for which things are called nuts, pits, beans, grains, ...


Put the grapes on a plate - best if you do as many at one time as will fill the plate in one layer. Cover the plate with an identical plate turned upside down. Using a long knife cut between the plates to cut all the grapes in half at once. I use my thumb nail to scoop out the seeds, but the tip of a vegetable peeler will work better than a knife if your ...

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