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I have been experimenting with adding intact grains and nuts to my bread for a little while and have learned some things. Good gluten development is crucial. If my whole wheat bread is already dry or underdeveloped then additional grains will make it fall apart when I try and slice it. A tiny amount of xanthan gum also helps give sandwich bread extra ...


Using a large amounts of seeds will significantly influence the humidity of your dough and bread. Dry seeds will soak up quite a bit of water - either during resting time or afterwards. This is especially bad when this soaking happens after baking, as your bread will get very dry... Wholemeal tends to have the same effect. The best way to counteract this ...


This method uses a resealable plastic sandwich bag, 1/2 c. sunflower seeds, water and a rolling pin. Seal bag and roll over seeds to crack the hulls. If you have patience you can remove the hulls by hand, or put the seeds and hulls into a bowl of water. Skim hulls using a slotted spoon. http://www.ehow.com/how_6148353_easy-way-shell-sunflower-seeds.html

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