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That's not batter, that's yeast dough. It is called Мекица (transliteration: mekitza) in Bulgarian, Google Translate says the Serbian word is Колачи (transliteration: kolachi), which I find somewhat strange, as in Bulgarian, колачета is a different food. Maybe somebody can supply the correct Serbian word (or affirm that kolachi is correct). In itself, it is ...


I'm serbian and KOLACI means cake in Serbian. What you are looking for iz MEKIKE in balkan countries and it is called USHTIPAK plural: USHTIPCI in SERBIA


I've now found them on sale in a posh supermarket in Skopje, Macedonia. This time labelled: потекло скопско пиперки везени благи / кг Which Google Translate massages into: origin Skopje peppers embroidered mild / kg So an answer is "пиперки везени" or "embroidered peppers", for at least one name used in at least one ...


The peppers you have on the picture are called Vezena Peppers. I'm in the USA and I am unable to find seeds for these.


The Serbian term is mekika (singular) or mekike (plural). This simple food is made from yeast dough - you just deep-fry pieces of it in a pan. The size and shape depends on the person who makes them. As mentioned above, there is another, very similar dish called uštipak (pronounced as "ushtipak") . The only difference between the two that I can think of is ...


Wikipedia, as well as all 12 serbian recipes I found specify full-fat white brine cheese (cow or sheep milk). Only one of them called for a type of cream in addition to the cheese. In Western Europe, Turkish groceries can carry typical Balkan white brine cheese. If you don't have access to one, buy feta. Cow and sheep cheese are considered substitutes in ...


These are Macedonian fringed chillies (Capsicum annuum longum group 'Macedonian fringed'.)


this is the oldest chili from Serbia (from the year 1300), they are called embroidery chili, they are either very hot or not, when dry, they are chopped and crushed, they are amazing tasting.


It is not Mekitza, but "mekika" - that's correct name. Pronouncing mekika (just like it is written)

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